Episode 8: NCAA Division III Soccer (feat. Charlie Grimes)

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Episode 8 is a conversation with Charlie Grimes (head men’s soccer coach at Lebanon Valley College) about NCAA Division III Soccer.



  1. Great conversation. Affirming the good reasons we and our son chose LVC. The DIII equation for scholarship eligible high school players is very complex and ultimately a question about what feels right. If the DI experience is all about the scholarship money then the DIII experience is all about the quality of the college, the coach and supporting alumni. The quality DIII programs like LVC offer an experience that transcends the financial equation of a scholarship. Many soccer players are experiencing academic/merit/need-based financial aid that is as good or better than the partial scholarship at a D! program. And lastly, the freedom of a quality DIII program means the student-athlete can pursue very challenging academics. Great to hear Charlie’s voice as he was such a great influence on my son. He learned a lot about soccer an about being a truly good person. Thanks, Coach.


  2. Great show some good info. Was nice for my 11th grade son to listen to you guys talk about importance of education., and proper communication with schools and coaches.


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