Speaking & Workshops

Mark is available for speaking engagements, coach education workshops, and Q&A sessions with coaches, parents and players. Contact us to inquire.

Past Events
– Friday, January 18, 2019 | Pontiac, MI | Michigan State Youth Soccer Association | PDF | Video
– Thursday, January 31, 2019 | Baltimore, MD | FC USA

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Very powerful message tonight from Mark and Kelly Pulisic. This was so grounding to hear from super soccer star parents to us “normal” parents. We can get so caught up in the moment we sometimes forget the bigger picture. We should be focusing on loyalty, commitment, trust, ALWAYS LEARNING AND IMPROVING and fun. It’s not about right here, right now but where are they going, tomorrow, next month, next season, next year… It’s a journey not a single weekend. What a gut check of why we drive thousands of miles a year to games, sit through tournaments in freezing temperatures or blazing heat, split our family in two to get each kid to their respective games and commitments – all so our kids can do what they love. I loved this talk, thank you FCUSA for organizing this. #fcusaproud

Tonight Stubes and I had the honor and privilege to meet with, and hear the philosophies and strategies of developing young players from Mark Pulisic. To hear his points of view from both a coach’s perspective and a parent’s was priceless and a conversation I wish I could of had 10 years ago. His emphasis on making the game fun and developing the youth, instead of focusing on wins and losses was something everyone of us could be reminded of from time to time. We share a lot of the same ideas, maybe he just does it a little better than myself lol. I am thankful to my good friend Tarik Walker and FC USA for giving me this opportunity. It was phenomenal.