How Is Sergio Aguero Related To Maradona?

There is a connection between the two stars since Sergio Aguero was married to Maradona’s daughter, Gianinna Maradona, when he was younger.As a result, it is Sergio Aguero’s wife who serves as the link between the two.They divorced in 2012 following a four-year marriage in which they had a son, Benjamin, who is now 10 years old.Aguero and Gianinna had been married for four years when they divorced.

Rarely do you come across someone with a footballing family tree that is as robust and blossoming as Benjamin Aguero, the son of former Manchester City striker Sergio and grandson of Argentina superstar Diego Maradona.

What is the relationship between Sergio Aguero and Diego Maradona like?

Sergio Aguero, the striker for Manchester City, had a close personal friendship with Diego Maradona. Sergio Aguero has paid respect to Diego Maradona, who happens to be his son’s grandfather. (Photo courtesy of AFP/Getty Images)

Who is Sergio Agüero’s wife?

In his previous marriage, Agüero was united in matrimony to Giannina Maradona, the youngest daughter of late Argentine player Diego Maradona, who died in 2004. Giannina gave birth to their son, Benjamn, on February 19, 2009, in Madrid, where they reside.

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What did Aguero say to Maradona on Instagram?

In 2011, the couple divorced and had a son, Benjamin. They separated in 2012. Sergio Aguero came in as a second-half replacement for Manchester City, marking his comeback from injury, and the striker rushed to social media after the game to post a photo of himself with Diego Maradona. ‘We’re never going to forget you,’ Aguero simply wrote alongside the photograph on the wall.

Are Messi Aguero and Maradona related?

Sergio Aguero is the father of Benjamin Aguero. Leo Messi serves as the team’s godfather. Diego Maradona is the great-grandfather of Diego Maradona.

Is Sergio Aguero related to Lionel Messi?

Lionel Messi’s bond with Manchester City icon Sergio Aguero is well known, with the latter serving as godfather to the former’s kid, Benjamin. This is a wonderful homage from not just a fellow footballer, but also a loyal friend to the Manchester City legend.

Are Maradona and Aguero family?

Sergio Agüero married the daughter of the late great Diego Maradona, and their son, Benjamn, was born in 2009 and has a very unique godfather in the form of Leo Messi, who was born in the same year as Benjamn.

Who is related to Maradona?

Sergio Aguero is the father of Benjamin Aguero. Diego Maradona is the great-grandfather of Diego Maradona. Leo Messi serves as the team’s godfather.

Who is Sergio Aguero dad?

Aguero’s father, Leonel Del Castillo, is one of the few people who has just recently expressed praise for his son’s abilities, which is rather unexpected. A recent interview with TyC Sports revealed that the former Manchester City striker never received positive feedback from his father about his performance as a player.

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Why is Aguero retiring?

After experiencing discomfort in his chest during Barcelona’s 1-1 tie with Alaves in October, Aguero was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia – or abnormal heartbeat – and was forced to declare his early retirement from the sport in December, according to reports.

Did Aguero marry Maradona’s daughter?

Sergio Aguero was formerly married to the daughter of late football great Diego Maradona, but the marriage was annulled four years after it was established.

How is Messi related to Maradona?

In addition to playing for Barça and Manchester City, the two Argentine players also had a particular bond with Maradona, who happens to be the grandpa of Kun’s son. As Messi said farewell to Diego Maradona, who died on Wednesday after suffering from heart failure, ″He may have left us, but he is not gone″ because ″Diego is everlasting.″

Is Messi and Bojan related?

My personal life is a little complicated.An investigation into Bojan’s family tree conducted by Diari Segre in 2011 revealed that the former Barcelona player is a fourth cousin of his former teammate Lionel Messi; both are great-great-great-grandchildren of Mariano Pérez Miralles and Teresa Llobrera Minguet, who were married in El Poal, Spain’s Province of Lleida, in 1846, according to Diari Segre’s findings.

Is Aguero Messi’s best friend?

Sergio Aguero is a striker for the Manchester City football club.Aguero, a teammate of Lionel Messi’s from Argentina, is one of the player’s closest friends.In a book on Aguero’s life, he makes reference of Messi, and he claims that Messi told him that Aguero was like a brother to him, according to the book.The two players have been friends since their days at the Argentina national team’s training camp.

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