How Long Did David Beckham Play In The Mls?

2003-07: Spent four seasons at Real Madrid, helping the team win the La Liga title in his last season with the club in 2006-07. While with the club, Beckham appeared in roughly 150 games, scoring 11 goals in all competitions during his four-year tenure.

How did David Beckham get involved in the MLS?

Major League Soccer (MLS) participation for Beckham began while he was still a Real Madrid player, when it was announced on 11 January 2007 that he would be departing Madrid in six months to join MLS club LA Galaxy. Beckham was still a member of the Real Madrid squad at the time.

How many years did David Beckham play for LA Galaxy?

Beckham signed a five-year contract with Major League Soccer team Los Angeles Galaxy in July of that year. His two loan periods in Italy with AC Milan in 2009 and 2010 occurred while he was still a Galaxy player. He became the first British footballer to appear in 100 UEFA Champions League games when he achieved this feat.

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When did Beckham leave MLS?

David Beckham may have departed the Major League Soccer with widespread goodwill when his career came to a close in 2012, but there was a time when he was widely despised even among his own fans.

How much did Beckham make in MLS?

After signing a rich deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy, worth up to $250 million over five years, with direct guaranteed remuneration from Major League Soccer and the Galaxy of up to $6.5 million a year, Beckham became the first player to be signed under this arrangement.

When did Beckham retire?

Beckham essentially retired in reverse, although at a slower pace. An protracted epilogue included five and a half seasons with the Los Angeles Galaxy and two loan stints at AC Milan, and it was with Paris Saint-Germain that he ultimately brought his career to a stop at the age of 38.

Who is the richest player in soccer?

  1. The World’s Richest Soccer Player: Top 10 List #1. Cristiano Ronaldo – US$125 million
  2. #2. Lionel Messi – US$125 million
  3. #3. Lionel Messi – US$125 million
  4. #4. Lionel Messi – US$125 million
  5. #5 Lionel Messi – US$125 million
  6. #6 Lionel Messi – US$125 million
  7. #7 Lionel Messi – US$125 million
  8. #7 Lione
  9. #2. Lionel Messi – US$110 million
  10. #3. Cristiano Ronaldo – US$100 million
  11. #4. Cristiano Ronaldo – US$100 million
  12. Neymar III (US$95 million) is the third most valuable player in the world.
  13. Kylian Mbappe is the fourth most expensive player in the world at US$43 million.
  14. 5. Mohamed Salah (US$41 million) is ranked fifth.
  15. Robert Lewandowski is ranked #6 with a net worth of US$35 million.
  16. Andres Iniesta is the seventh-highest-paid player in the world, earning US$35 million.
  17. Paul Pogba is the eighth most valuable player in the world, at US$34 million.
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Who’s the highest paid MLS player?

Carlos Vela of the Los Angeles Football Club, who earns $6.3 million per year on average, is the highest paid player on the list of highest average yearly guaranteed income.

What was David Beckham’s biggest contract?

″There’s no doubt that his presence here helped to establish us as a worldwide brand.″ However, despite the fact that the league was successful in maintaining its pay ceiling while still guaranteeing Beckham’s $32.5-million deal, the league was woefully unprepared for the other changes brought about by Beckham’s entrance.

Did Beckham win LA Galaxy?

During the final matchday of the season, the Galaxy were eliminated from postseason contention, and Beckham came in as a replacement. The England international ended his debut half-season in Los Angeles with one goal and three assists in eight league appearances, according to the league.

How many goals did Beckham score in MLS?

In the regular season, I played 98 out of 176 games (55.68 percent of matches, including 91 starts). Goals for the regular season: 18 (5 game-winners) Regular season games with more than one goal: 2 (at RSL on May 3, 2008 and at Portland on July 14, 2012) The number of assists throughout the regular season is 40.

Why did Beckham join LA Galaxy?

They were absolutely correct. In his announcement that he would be leaving Real Madrid, Beckham stated, ‘After evaluating numerous possibilities, including the possibility of remaining in Madrid or joining other important British and European teams, I have chosen to join the Los Angeles Galaxy.″ And he was completely incorrect, and he had a lot to prove.

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Did Beckham retire because of Messi?

Beckham famously admitted, ‘I think I made the decision to quit when Messi ran by me.’ But he’s now gone it a step further, telling Argentine media that he loved those games – despite the fact that he was exhausted and PSG were eliminated on away goals following a 3-3 draw in the first leg. ‘We were in the lead,’ Beckham insisted.

Did Beckham retire from soccer?

He concluded his playing career with brief appearances with AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain before retiring from the game. Beckham announced his retirement from the professional soccer league in 2013.

When did Zidane retire?

Zinedine Zidane announced his retirement in 2006, at the age of 34, shortly after.well, you know. For the finest French footballer of his time to be sent off in such a manner was despicable.

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