How Long Will Harry Kane Be Injured?

Harry Kane, the Tottenham Hotspur striker, is expected to be sidelined for a ‘few weeks’ as a result of ankle issues.

How long is Kane injury?

#10 Harry Kane

Season Injury Days
17/18 Hamstring Injury 7 days
16/17 Ankle Injury 24 days
16/17 Ankle Injury 49 days
13/14 Back Injury 49 days

How Long Will Harry Kane stay at Spurs?

Kane has three years remaining on his current deal, and the language of this clause is critical to his success. ″I’m going to be remaining at Tottenham for the summer,″ Kane confirmed. There’s no reason to rule out a move next summer when it will be simpler for him to go on, but for the foreseeable future, the Spurs great will remain in north London.

Is Harry Kane returning?

Harry Kane has announced that he would retire from playing at the conclusion of the season and will take over as coach of the Tottenham Hotspurs. Kane accepts an offer to serve as a young coach from the head of a rival team, despite his reservations.

Is Harry Kane injury prone?

After suffering eight consecutive ankle ailments of varied severity since 2016, Kane has missed 38 matches as a result of his absences. Although it would be a stretch to characterize Kane as ″injury-prone,″ his injury history would be a source of concern for prospective purchasers.

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Was Kane injured last season?

Following an ankle injury suffered against Everton on Friday, Kane missed the midweek triumph over Southampton, and interim manager Ryan Mason is doubtful whether or not his star will be able to return. Mason stated that the choice on whether or not to choose Kane would be made in a collaborative effort, and that the England captain will not compromise his long-term health.

How many ankle injuries has Harry Kane?

He played until half-time, but was substituted by another player after the break. According to Jose Mourinho, his attacker had two ankle injuries: ‘The first was caused by a nasty tackle, and it was Thiago; the second was caused by someone I didn’t know well. But I’ve had two ankle injuries, the second one being worse than the first – I’m not sure how long it will take, maybe a few weeks.

Will my son leave Spurs?

To allow Son to fly to Indonesia following Tottenham’s first Premier League match against Newcastle on Aug. 11, the club has reached an agreement with the South Korean club, which has just signed him to a new five-year deal. Tottenham is my team, and I’m sorry that I’m leaving my teammates,’ Son expressed regretfully after the game.

What happened to Harry Kane transfer?

After months of speculation, it was finally confirmed late in the summer transfer window that Harry Kane would not be joining Manchester City, and that he would instead remain at Tottenham Hotspur. This was due to the refusal of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy to negotiate a transfer fee with Pep Guardiola’s side.

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Does Harry Kane want to leave?

‘I don’t want to arrive to the conclusion of my career with any regrets about my decisions. As a result, I strive to be the best version of myself. ″I’m certain that I can be even better than I am at the moment,″ Kane told Sky Sports’ Gary Neville in a revealing blockbuster interview conducted before of this summer’s Euro 2021 tournament in France.

Is Kane retiring soccer?

Kane was now positioned to do what he did in 1995, which was to be granted permission to establish a soccer program at Lourdes with him as the boys’ coach. After twenty-six years, Kane has finally decided to call it a day.

Who buy Harry Kane?

Tottenham’s Harry Kane is’set to join Manchester City for a world-record fee of £160 million after Daniel Levy agreed to let the England captain to join the Premier League rivals on a £400,000-a-week contract’, according to reports.

How long is son out for Tottenham?

In a statement, Tottenham manager Antonio Conte revealed that star midfielder Heung-min Son will be sidelined for up to four weeks with an ankle injury, missing vital games against Arsenal, Chelsea, and Leicester.

Is Haaland injured?

Coach Marco Rose recently confessed that Erling Haaland is ″playing through pain″ during training sessions, but he has declined to have an MRI done on his ankle to determine the extent of his injuries.

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