How Many Assists Does Luis Suarez Have In His Career?

Messi’s former colleague and current Atletico Madrid striker, Luis Suarez, is third on the all-time list of most assists in football, behind only Messi and Pele. To far, the Uruguayan has contributed 277 assists to his team’s success. Cristiano Ronaldo, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, is ranked fourth on the list with 272 assists.

What is Luis Suárez’s goal average?

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  • Luis Suárez is a forward who has participated in 19 matches in La Liga this season, clocking up a total of 1132 minutes on the field.
  • The footballer Luis Suárez scored an average of 0.56 goals for every 90 minutes that he is on the field, according to FIFA statistics.
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Who is Luis Suárez?

Luis Suárez is a forward who has participated in 19 matches in La Liga this season, clocking up a total of 1132 minutes on the field. The footballer Luis Suárez scored an average of 0.56 goals for every 90 minutes that he is on the field, according to FIFA statistics.

How many minutes did Luis Suárez play in the Copa America 2011?

Suárez made six appearances and played 543 minutes, during which he scored three goals and added three assists. Suárez scored the winning goal in Uruguay’s opening game in the 2011 Copa América, a 1–1 tie with Peru. In their following match, a 1–1 tie with Chile, he supplied an assist for Alvaro Pereira’s goal, which was his first international goal.

How many followers does Luis Suárez have on Instagram?

  • Suárez is quite active on social media, and as of May 2020, he has more than 40 million Instagram followers, which is the most for a person from Uruguay.
  • The fourth son of Sandra Diaz and Rodolfo Suárez, Suárez was born in the city of Salto, Uruguay, as the fourth of seven sons.
  • In addition to his younger brother, Paolo Suárez is a former professional footballer who most recently played for Isidro Metapán in El Salvador.

How many Assist does Luis Suarez have?

Luis Suarez is a soccer player from Uruguay (278 Assists)

Who has Messi assisted the most?

Andres Iniesta is a 37-year-old midfielder. Over the course of their time together at the Camp Nou, he assisted Messi on 37 occasions and went on to win every major award in football, making him the most decorated Spanish footballer of all time during his time there.

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How many goals and assists did Suarez get in 13 14?

  • Luis Suárez finished the season as the league’s leading scorer with 31 goals, earning him the Premier League Golden Boot as well as the PFA Players’ Player of the Year award.
  • Daniel Sturridge finished as the league’s second leading scorer with 21 goals, winning the PFA Players’ Player of the Year award.
  • Steven Gerrard has the most official Premier League assists with 13, which put him in first place.

How many assists Ozil have in his career?

Mesut Ozil has 258 assists to his credit.

Who has highest assists in football?

Football’s most prolific assister

Players Teams Assists
Lionel Messi Barcelona, PSG, Argentina 464
Luis Suarez Barcelona, Liverpool, Ajax, Atletico de Madrid, FC Groningen, Uruguay 348
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid, Manchester United, Juventus, Sporting CP, Portugal 341
Thomas Muller Bayern Munich 303

Which player has the most assist?

He also became the all-time leading assist provider in the history of La Liga, amassing an astounding 193 assists to go along with his 474 league goals during the course of his long professional career in Spain. Messi has 363 assists in total, which places him atop the all-time list of most assists in football history.

Who has most free kick goals?

Top 10 scorers in terms of free-kick goals:

Rank Player No. of Goals
1 Juninho Pernambucano 77
2 Pele 70
3 Victor Legrotaglie 66
4 Ronaldinho 66

How many assists does Messi have in PSG?

2021/22 stats

Appearances 22
Right foot
Left foot 4
Assists 13
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Who has more goals between Suarez and Lewandowski?

Suarez has scored 440 goals in his club career to date and 504 goals in total, including his international goals. In 123 matches for Uruguay, he has scored 64 goals with the national team. In addition to his 70 goals for Poland, Lewandowski has 493 goals for his club.

How many hat tricks did Suarez get Liverpool?

Hat-tricks are scored one by one, player by player.

Total Player
6 Sam Raybould
6 Luis Suarez
5 Harry Chambers
5 Steven Gerrard

How many EPL has Suarez won?

#9 Luis Suárez

Titles and season
05/06 Club Nacional
5x Top scorer
15/16 LaLiga – 40 Goals
13/14 Premier League – 31 Goals

How many assists does Kevin De Bruyne have in his career?

Kevin De Bruyne: Assists in all competitions, according to Numbers 101. Only David Silva (140) has a higher total.

How many assist did Messi have?

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi takes against Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo in a friendly match.

Team Games Assists
FC Barcelona 778 268
Paris Saint-Germain 31 13
Argentina 160 47
Totals: 969 328

How many assists does Fabregas have in his career?

Premier League Record

Appearances 350
Goals 50
Assists 111

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