How Many Caps Does David Beckham Have For England?

  1. David Beckham has 115 caps for the England national team (17 Goals) David Robert Beckham’s full name is David Robert Beckham; he was born on May 2, 1975, in Leytonstone, London, England.
  2. Career spans 1996 until 2009; The following positions were held while playing for England: midfield, right wing back, left wing back, right midfield, and right back.
  3. While representing England, he played for the following clubs and earned the following caps: Manchester United (60), Real Madrid (36), Los Angeles Galaxy (14) and AC Milan (5)

Beckham made his international football debut for England on September 1, 1996, when he was just 21 years old. He served as captain for six years, during which time he earned a total of 58 caps.

How many Champions League games has David Beckham played?

There have been 107 Champions League games played. As a result, he became the first Englishman to appear in more than 100 games in a row. During his club career, Beckham scored 111 goals in 641 appearances in the Premier League and the Champions League. 115 caps for England, the most by any outfield player in the country’s history.

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How many shirts has David Beckham sold in his international career?

David Beckham’s statistics throughout his club and international careers. During his distinguished career, the retiring former England captain won 19 major championships and sold about 10 million t-shirts.

How many times has Beckham won Champions League?

Simple stats speak volumes – during his illustrious career, Beckham won an incredible six Premier League championships, two FA Cups, four Community Shields, a Champions League trophy, two Major League Soccer Cups (MLS Cups) in the United States, the Ligue title in France, and La Liga in Spain (Spain).

Was Beckham number 7 for England?

Beckham played the most of his career in the No. 7 jersey for Manchester United and with England, before switching to the No. 23 shirt for Real Madrid and the Los Angeles Galaxy. He also played for both Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan, where he wore the number 32 in reverse.

How many years did Beckham play for England?

From 1996 through 2009, he represented England on the international stage. He was dismissed from the England team after relinquishing his England leadership, but he was re-instated into the squad when Fabio Capello was appointed as the team’s manager in 2008.

Who gave David Beckham his first England cap?

But Beckham’s journey began exactly 19 years ago today, in Moldova’s Stadionul Republica, in less-than-glamorous surroundings, when he was awarded his first of 115 England caps by new manager Glenn Hoddle, who was at the time a relative unknown.

How many goals did David Beckham scored for England?

David Beckham is the 29th best player in the world with 17 goals. A total of 17 goals were scored by England’s legendary player David Beckham in 115 games during his career. For the most of his tenure with the Three Lions, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid forward took free kicks and penalty kicks for the Three Lions.

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Who wear No 7 for England?

Jack Grealish has been assigned the number 7 jersey for England’s Euro 2020 team.

Who is England’s number 9?

Premier League captain and first choice Harry Kane will wear the No 9 shirt as he leads England’s pursuit for victory at Euro 2020 in France this summer.

Did Beckham play for England?

David Beckham is a soccer player who has represented Manchester United, England, Real Madrid, and the Los Angeles Galaxy.

How many games did David Beckham play for England?

During his 20-year professional career, he won 19 major championships for his clubs and made 115 appearances for the England national team.

Who has scored the most goals for England?

England has scored the most goals in history.

Name Goals Years
Wayne Rooney 53 2003 – 2018
Bobby Charlton 49 1958 – 1970
Harry Kane 49 2015 – present
Gary Lineker 48 1984 – 1992

How many goals did Steven Gerrard score for England?

Gerrard’s final appearance for Liverpool was on May 16, 2015, and his playing career was brought to a close by an 18-month loan spell with the Los Angeles Galaxy in the United States. Gerrard made 114 appearances for England, scoring 21 goals in the process. He represented his country in both the European Championships and the World Cup.

Why did Beckham leave Manchester United?

In the wake of a significant breakdown in Beckham’s personal relationship with Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, Beckham was forced to leave the club. Ferguson claimed in his autobiography published in 2013 that he believed Beckham’s dedication to sport had been hampered by his involvement in business ventures.

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