How Many Games Has Eden Hazard Played For Real Madrid?

Info Eden Hazard is a Belgian footballer who plays the position of Forward. He is 31 years old and is 173cm tall, weighing 76kg. Real Madrid was his current club for three seasons, during which he appeared in 98 matches and scored six goals for the team.

Stats overview

Comp Competition Team Appearances Minutes played
COP Copa del Rey RMA Real Madrid CF 2 108
UEF UEFA Champions League RMA Real Madrid CF 3 83
Total 22 878

How many goals has Eden Hazard scored this season?

Eden Hazard has scored a total of two goals in the Premier League so far this season, putting him in ninth place on the Real Madrid team’s all-time top scorer’s list.

How many assists does Eden Hazard get?

When Eden Hazard plays 90 minutes on the field, he averages 0.26 assists per 90 minutes on the field. See how they stack up against the rest of the La Liga field. Eden Hazard has scored a total of 0 goals in the Premier League so far this season, ranking them 21st on the Real Madrid team’s Top Scorers list.

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Is Hazard set to join Real Madrid for £88.5m?

Sachin Nakrani and Nakrani, Sachin (7 June 2019). ‘Eden Hazard has confirmed that he will be joining Real Madrid from Chelsea for a fee of £88.5 million.’ The Guardian is a British newspaper. Retrieved on the 12th of June, 2019. ‘With variations, the value of the hazard contract may reach up to 130 million euros.’ Marca, Spain, on the 8th of June, 2019.

How many goals has Eden Hazard scored for Real Madrid?

Senior career

Season Team Goals
2021-2022 Real Madrid
2020-2021 Real Madrid 4
2019-2020 Real Madrid 1
2018-2019 Chelsea 18

How many seasons has Eden Hazard played for Real Madrid?

Eden Hazard

Personal information
2007–2008 Lille B 13
2007–2012 Lille 147
2012–2019 Chelsea 245
2019– Real Madrid 47

Does Hazard play for Real Madrid?

The Belgian has been plagued by injuries during his tenure at Real Madrid, and has only played a small number of minutes over the course of three years at the club. This season has been no different, as he is presently facing the aforementioned layoff till the end of the month of May.

Has hazard played any El Clasico?

While Hazard has never played in a Clasico, the Belgian international has faced Barcelona on two occasions. The first and second legs of Chelsea’s Champions League last 16 match against Barça in 2017/18 were played at Stamford Bridge.

How many assists has Hazard got for Real Madrid?

Eden Hazard makes an average of 22 passes per game, with a pass completion percentage of 91 percent. He also has one assist on the season thus far. Eden Hazard has got two yellow cards and zero red cards during his career. Eden Hazard’s average Infogol Player Rating in the Spanish La Liga for the 2021/22 season is 6.38 out of a possible 10 points.

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How many man of the match has Eden Hazard won?

Eden Hazard is the most awarded player in the Premier League, having received 62 Man of the Match accolades.

Is Benzema injured for El Clasico?

Karim Benzema of Real Madrid will miss the Clasico versus Barcelona due to a hamstring issue. Karim Benzema will miss Real Madrid’s El Clasico match against Barcelona on Sunday (which will be broadcast LIVE on ESPN+ in the United States at 4 p.m. ET). The Frenchman has a calf issue.

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