How Many Goals Did Andy Cole Score?

All told, Cole scored 41 goals in all competitions, breaking Hughie Gallacher’s all-time scoring record for the club, which had been set over seven decades previously (Gallacher still holds the record for the highest number of league goals in a season with 36).

Premier League Record

Appearances 414
Goals 187
Assists 73

How many goals has Andy Cole scored for United?

Cole had blazed a trail at St James’ Park, scoring an incredible 68 goals in just 74 games, including 41 in the 1993/94 league season. Cole was named Premier League Player of the Year in 1994. In the beginning, he struggled, but after Cantona, Giggs, and Sharpe encouraged him to play, he was a revelation, justifying every cent of his then-record £6.25 million transfer fee.

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How many goals did Andy Cole score in a season?

Andy Cole was a prolific goalscorer who still maintains the club record most goals scored in a season, having scored 41 in the 1993/94 campaign for the Reds.

How many goals did Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole score?

As a team, United achieved history by being the first and only club in history to win the Champions League, Premier League, and FA Cup all in the same season, thanks to the combined efforts of Yorke and Cole. It wasn’t terrible for Yorke’s debut season at a club that already boasted a fantastic array of attackers, especially considering the circumstances.

How many goals has Andy Cole scored Newcastle?

During his time at Newcastle United, Andy Cole was nothing short of a goal-scoring machine. He scored 41 goals in the 1993/94 season alone as Kevin Keegan’s Magpies stormed the Premier League with their style of adventurous football. The striker joined the club from Bristol City in 1992 and has been with them ever since.

How many goals did Ronaldo scored for Man United?

Ronaldo won the accolade after scoring 29 goals in 33 appearances for Real Madrid this season (31 starts). He ended the season with 36 goals from 44 appearances (41 starts) in all competitions, just one goal fewer than the 37 he had scored the season before and much more than the 28 he had scored in his debut season.

Did Andy Cole score a penalty in the Premier League?

Cole’s 93 league goals in 195 games for Manchester United, following a prolific spell at Newcastle United, is testament to his success at Old Trafford. However, Cole only ever took two penalties in his entire career (scoring one of them) and never stepped up from 12 yards for the Reds after signing for the club in 1995.

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Who scored the first 100 goals in the Premier League?

Alan Shearer became the first player in Premier League history to score 100 goals during the 1995–96 season, and he retains the record for the shortest number of games played to achieve the feat, having done it in 124 appearances.

How many Premier League goals has Alan Shearer scored?

Alan Shearer hasn’t played in the Premier League for more than a decade, but his record in the competition remains unblemished. With an astonishing 260 goals in his career, the former Newcastle United and Blackburn Rovers striker holds the record for the most goals scored in the league.

What is the highest amount of goals scored in a Premier League season?


Most PL goals scored in a season 106 – Manchester City (2017/18)
Fewest PL goals scored in a season 20 – Derby County (2007/08) 20 – Sheffield United (2020/21)
Most PL goals scored at home in a season 68 – Chelsea (2009/10)
Most PL goals scored away in a season 48 – Liverpool (2013/14)

How many goals did Henry and Bergkamp score together?

Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp are two of the best soccer players in the world (Arsenal) Over the course of their partnership, they scored a total of 18 Premier League goals directly together – more than double the combined total of Yorke and Cole – and scored a total of precisely 200 goals in the Premier League as a team.

How good were Yorke and Cole?

Manchester United created history by winning a historic triple in their first season together, including the Premier League, the FA Cup, and the Champions League, all in the same season. Apart from that, they have scored a total of 53 goals between them, with 35 coming in the Premier League. Cole finished with 17 points in the league, while Yorke finished with 18.

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Who was the best striker partnership in Premier League?

Tottenham’s Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min have joined forces to become the Premier League’s all-time leading goal-scoring duo. According to the Premier League, the Tottenham Hotspur combo of Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min are currently the most potent offensive tandem in league history! Son’s try to make it 4-0 against the opposition

Who is the all time goal scorer in the EPL?

Alan Shearer is without a doubt the most prolific goal scorer in the history of the Premier League. Just to put things into perspective, the difference between Shearer and the next best scorer, Henry, is 86 goals.

How many goals did Michael Owen scored for Manchester United?

Stats by club

Newcastle United 71 26
Manchester United 31 5
Stoke City 8 1
Total : 326 150

How many times did Andy Cole win the Premier League?

Honours & Awards

Golden Boot 1
Premier League Champion 5
1995/96 1996/97 1998/99 1999/00 2000/01
Player of the Month 1

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