How Many Goals Did Petr Cech Conceded At Chelsea?

That season will go down in history as one of the most outstanding in the history of the Premier League, and it is possible that it will never be topped. Chelsea surrendered only 15 league goals in 38 games, in which Cech appeared in 35 of them, and Cech had 24 clean sheets.

How long has Petr Cech been at Chelsea?

Cech was a Blue for 11 years from 2004 to 2015 before joining his current side Arsenal, having left Stamford Bridge as the newly crowned Premier League champions once more.Chelsea’s first match was against Manchester United (h) on 15 August 2004.1-0 victory for the home team.In 2004/05, he played 1024 minutes in the Premier League without allowing a goal, which was a record for the English top division at the time.

How long has Petr Čech gone without a goal in Premier League?

Despite the fact that Chelsea lost ech’s return match, he lasted nearly 810 minutes without surrendering a goal in Premier League action after that. Following his eighth consecutive league clean sheet performance, ech was named Premier League Player of the Month on April 11, 2007, marking the first time in his professional career that honor had been bestowed upon him.

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How many times has Petr Cech won the League Cup?

Petr Cech has won the League Cup three times, in 2005, 2007 and 2015, and in his piece this week, before of Chelsea’s next bid to capture the cup, he recounts those finals and why each of them made such a lasting impression on him..

When did Petr Čech score his 100th goal for the Czech Republic?

As part of the Czech Republic’s 3–0 victory over Armenia on March 26, 2013, Cech made his 100th appearance for the national team, maintaining his perfect record. On November 17, 2015, in a 3–1 loss to Poland in Wroclaw, he equaled the national record set by his former colleague Karel Poborsk by earning his 118th cap.

How many clean sheets did Cech have in Chelsea?

Petr Cech is the first with 202 clean sheets. Cech’s 443 Premier League appearances for Chelsea and Arsenal resulted in his keeping a clean sheet virtually every other game, establishing a record that may never be equaled or surpassed.

How many goals did Chelsea concede in 2004?

In the end, Chelsea surrendered just one goal, setting a new ludicrous record. There are 38 games. 95 points were earned. 72 goals were scored.

How many penalties did Cech save for Chelsea?

The previous record was held by former Blue Petr Cech, who is currently the club’s Technical Director and a member of the Czech national team. The previous record was six penalty saves, including one in the Champions League final, which was broken this year.

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Which keeper has the most clean sheets?

  1. De Gea breaks the top ten list of Premier League keepers with the most clean sheets. 7) Edwin van der Sar has 132 clean sheets to his credit.
  2. 6) Pepe Reina has 136 clean sheets to his credit.
  3. 5) Nigel Martyn has 137 clean sheets to his credit.
  4. 4) David Seaman has 141 clean sheets to his credit.
  5. 3) Mark Schwarzer has 151 clean sheets to his credit.
  6. 2) David James has 169 clean sheets to his credit.
  7. 1) Petr Cech has 202 clean sheets in his career

How many clean sheets does Petr Čech has?


Rank Player Clean sheets
1 Petr Čech 202
2 David James 169
3 Mark Schwarzer 151
4 David Seaman 141

How many clean sheets has De Gea?

Premier League Record

Appearances 375
Clean sheets 130

How many goals did Chelsea conceded in 2005?

The 2004/05 season saw Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea surrender just 15 goals on their way to winning their first Premier League title, with Terry playing an important role in the team and captaining the Blues to victory.

What is the least goals conceded in Premier League?


Most PL goals conceded away in a season* 59 – Ipswich Town (1994/95 – 42 matches) 55 – Wigan Athletic (2009/10 – 38 matches)
Fewest PL goals conceded at home in a season 4 – Manchester United (1994/95)
Fewest PL goals conceded away in a season 9 – Chelsea (2004/05)

Which team has conceded the least goals in a season?

Chelsea, under Jose Mourinho, are at the top of the leaderboard with the fewest goals surrendered. Chelsea’s defensive performance in the 2004/05 season is widely regarded as one of the finest ever, with the club conceding only 15 goals during the campaign. On their road to capturing the championship, the Blues only dropped one game.

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How much did Petr Cech save?

Saves. The Premier League’s official website,, has given Cech credit for 1,005 saves since the league’s official website began monitoring goalkeeping statistics during the 2006-07 season.

How many Golden Gloves does Cech have?

The award has been won on the most occasions by ech and Joe Hart since 2005, with four victories apiece, with ech being the only goalie to have won the accolade with two different teams in the same season (Chelsea and Arsenal).

How many Premier League has Petr Cech won?

He also had a role in the club’s four Premier League titles, four FA Cups, three League Cups, one UEFA Champions League trophy, and one UEFA Europa League title during his time at the club.

Who is the best goalkeeper of all time?

  1. The top ten best goalkeepers in the history of football are: Edwin van der Sar
  2. Edwin van der Sar
  3. Theodore Gordon Banks.
  4. Peter Schmeichel is an American football player.
  5. Oliver Kahn, et al.
  6. Petr Cech.
  7. Dino Zoff.
  8. Manuel Neuer.
  9. Iker Casillas is a professional baseball player.

Who is leading the Golden Glove?

It was originally given during the 2004/05 season, and it was won by Petr Cech, who played for Chelsea and set a new club record by keeping a record 24 clean sheets. Ederson of Manchester City is the current winner of the award, having taken home the trophy in both the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons.

Who is the best goalkeeper in 2022?

1. Jan Oblak (Jan Oblak). The finest goalkeepers in the world are ranked in the global rankings, and Jan Oblak is unquestionably at or near the top of the list. In a single season, he made 38 saves and prevented 18 goals, a save percentage of 80 percent of the shots he faced.

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