How Many Goals Has David Beckham Scored From Free Kicks?

The popular expression, ″Bend it like Beckham,″ refers to how effective Beckham was when it came to scoring from free-kicks during his career. In his professional career, Beckham has scored a total of 65 goals from set-pieces. He is still remembered for his free-kick that sent England to the 2002 FIFA World Cup, which is considered one of the greatest moments in English football history.

Ronaldo is three goals short of Barcelona ace Lionel Messi’s total of 48 goals, while Manchester United veteran David Beckham scored 43 goals from free kicks and ended sixth overall. Based on data compiled by PopFoot, these are the top 20 players who have scored the most free kicks during their club careers in the twenty-first century.

How many goals did David Beckham score in his career?

He scored 29 goals for Manchester United, 14 goals for Real Madrid, 12 goals for the Los Angeles Galaxy, seven goals for the England national team, two goals for Preston North End, and one goal for AC Milan during his career. Between 1993 and 2013, Beckham scored 114 goals, with more than half of those coming from set-piece situations.

How many goals has Beckham scored from free-kick inside 40 yards?

The fact that each free kick inside 40 yards of the goal became a scoring opportunity was a tool his teams employed to their advantage. During his remarkable playing career, Beckham scored 65 goals from a total of 172 attempts.

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Who has scored the most goals from direct free kicks in football?

With 76 straight free-kick goals and 44 of the David Beckham’s own, the Brazilian wizard has amassed an impressive tally (15 direct free kicks goals). Gianfranco Zola and Thierry Henry are the second and third names on the list (12 direct free kicks goals)

What made David Beckham so good at free kicks?

However, there was one facet of the game that he just perfected beyond all others: the free kick. Among his many talents was his ability to strike a dead ball, lifting it over a wall of defenders with force, and causing it to dip or swerve past a goalie with elegance. This skill distinguished him from his colleagues.

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