How Many Goals Has Luis Suarez Scored This Season?

Luis Suarez has scored a total of how many goals this season?Luis Suarez has scored 18 goals for Liverpool so far this season.4 goals scored for the national team ( World cup).He scored 14 goals for the club during his time there ( Champions League, La Liga).This season, Luis Suarez has also recorded 2 assists while playing 2993 minutes and starting 20 games in the first line of defense for Liverpool.

Luis Suárez has appeared in 19 games for Real Madrid in the Spanish La Liga season 2021/22. (plus 13 as a sub). They have had 26 shots on target out of a total of 46 shots, and they have scored 11 goals on those attempts (10.80 xG). With an average of 15 passes per game and a pass completion rate of 74%, Luis Suárez also contributes two assists to the team.


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Does Luis Suárez score goals in La Liga?

Don’t worry, we’ll get them included as soon as we can. Luis Suárez is a forward who has participated in 19 matches in La Liga this season, clocking up a total of 1132 minutes on the field. The footballer Luis Suárez scored an average of 0.56 goals for every 90 minutes that he is on the field, according to FIFA statistics.

How many minutes did Luis Suárez play in the Copa America 2011?

Suárez made six appearances and played 543 minutes, during which he scored three goals and added three assists. Suárez scored the winning goal in Uruguay’s opening game in the 2011 Copa América, a 1–1 tie with Peru. In their following match, a 1–1 tie with Chile, he supplied an assist for Alvaro Pereira’s goal, which was his first international goal.

What is Suarez’s conversion rate for shots to goals?

In terms of shots on goal, he converts 57 percent of them. Luis Suarez has a total of how many assists he has this season? Luis Suarez has three assists after 34 games in the season 2021/2022, according to FIFA statistics. With these numbers, he is now ranked 63rd in the Spanish league. He also has a total of 13 opportunities that have been generated for him.

How many goals has Luis Suarez scored in his career?

He has scored more than 500 goals in his club and international careers.

How many pens Suarez missed?

Even though he has taken less penalties than his colleague throughout the course of his career, the stats show that the Uruguayan has an advantage when all official tournaments are taken into consideration, according to the data. His success percentage is 76.3 percent, and he has only missed nine penalties out of the 38 that he has faced.

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How many goals does Suarez UCL have?

Examine the Uruguayan striker’s 27 UEFA Champions League goals over the course of his career.

How many goals Suarez scored 13 14?

Suarez scored 82 goals in 133 appearances with the Reds, which was a career high.

Who has more goals Lewandowski or Suarez?

Suarez has scored 440 goals in his club career to date and 504 goals in total, including his international goals. In 123 matches for Uruguay, he has scored 64 goals with the national team. In addition to his 70 goals for Poland, Lewandowski has 493 goals for his club.

Who has more goals Suarez or Benzema?

Suarez has a higher goal-scoring record than Benzema, according to his entire career statistics, which puts him miles ahead of the Frenchman. As a former teammate of Messi and Neymar, he was also awarded the golden boot in 2015 after scoring 40 goals in a single season alongside them. Throughout his career, he has been the leading scorer in the Premier League, La Liga, and the Eredivisie.

How many goals has Neymar?

With 71 goals in 117 appearances for Brazil since making his debut at the age of 18, Neymar is the second-highest goalscorer in the history of the national team, following only Pelé in that category. Neymar.

Men’s Football
Representing Brazil
2012 London Team
U-20 South American Championship
Winner 2011 Peru

Who is the highest goal scorer in Champions League all time?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the all-time leading scorer in the UEFA Champions League, having netted a total of 135 goals in the competition.

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How many goals did Neymar score for Santos?

Stats by club

FC Barcelona 186 105
Paris Saint-Germain 142 98
Santos FC 134 70

How many goals did Salah score in his first season at Liverpool?

The Egyptian forward, who was a club record signing at the time, wowed Liverpool and the rest of the Premier League by scoring 44 goals in his debut season, winning the PFA Player of the Year award, and guiding the Reds to the Champions League semifinals.

How many games did Suarez miss for Liverpool?

Despite having a high goals-per-game ratio (17 goals from 39 appearances) and displaying technical brilliance, he was suspended for eight matches in the middle of the season after being found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra during an Anfield League meeting in the middle of the season.

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