How Many Goals Has N’Golo Kante Scored?

Ngolo Kante is a midfielder for the Manchester United football club. He is 30 years old, is 168cm tall and weighs 68kg. He has 5 seasons of experience with the current club Chelsea, during which time he has appeared in 236 matches and scored 11 goals. Ngolo Kante has scored a total of how many goals this season? Ngolo Kante has scored a total of 0 goals thus far this season.

Premier League Record

Appearances 218
Goals 12
Assists 16

What is Golo Kanté famous for?

A French professional footballer, N’Golo Kanté (born 29 March 1991) plays as a center midfielder for Premier League side Chelsea and the France national team. He was born in Marseille, France. Kanté is widely regarded as one of the world’s top midfielders, and he is particularly well-regarded for his work ethic and defensive awareness.

Where does N’Golo Kanté rank among Premier League players this season?

See how they stack up against the rest of the Premier League’s stars. N’Golo Kanté has scored a total of two goals in the Premier League so far this season, putting him in ninth place on the Chelsea team’s all-time top scorers list.

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How many assists does N’Golo Kante have in 2020/2021?

N’Golo Kante has one assist after 38 match days in the season 2020/2021, which is the first of his career. As a result of these stats, he is now ranked 1156 in the Premier League. He also has a total of 5 opportunities that have been generated for him. These numbers place him at 902 in the Premier League, according to his stats.

How many goal has Kante scored?

#7 N’Golo Kanté

Matchday Venue At score
Season 21/22
5 A 0:2
12 A 0:2
Matches: 23; Goals: 23; Wins: 18; Draws: 2; Defeats: 3; Points average: 2.43 ; Game winning goals: 8

How many goals and assist does Kante have?

N’Golo Kanté has appeared in 19 matches for the English Premier League in season (2021/22). (plus 5 as a sub). Out of a total of 12 shots, they have managed to get 9 of them on target and score two goals (1.48 xG). N’Golo Kanté makes an average of 49 passes per game, with an 86 percent completion rate, and he also contributes four assists.

Who is Chelsea No 7?

A French professional footballer, N’Golo Kanté (born 29 March 1991) plays as a center midfielder for Premier League side Chelsea and the France national team. He was born in Marseille, France.

Has Kante ever had a red card?

N’Golo Kante was spared a red card because of his ‘excellent reputation,’ but the Chelsea star might have been sent out in front of the entire crowd against Southampton, according to talkSPORT.

How many trophies has n Golo Kante won?

N’Golo Kante has praised Chelsea’s football club philosophy, which he believes has resulted in several trophy-winning sides throughout his time at the club. During his tenure at Chelsea, the 30-year-old has won the Premier League, the FA Cup, the Europa League, the Champions League, and the UEFA Super Cup.

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How many goals has Romelu Lukaku scored in his career?

Stats on Romelu Lukaku’s goalscoring performances Lukaku has scored 251 goals in 508 appearances for his club so far in his professional career. In addition, he has scored 64 goals in 98 appearances for Belgium, and he is presently the country’s all-time leading scorer.

Who is better Casemiro or Kante?

Which player is more effective in defense: Casemiro or N’Golo Kante? Now, let’s take a look at the defensive abilities of both Casemiro and N’Golo Kante. With a total of 21 blocks, 172 aerial duels, and a total of 140 tackles, Casemiro has amassed an impressive sum of stats. 67 tackles, 2 blocks, 31 aerial duels, and a total of 67 tackles for N’Golo Kante throughout his career.

Is N Golo Kante CDM?

Kanté CDM plays in a midfield three with two other players. And, as they say, the rest, as they say, was history. At the same time, it should be noted that N’Golo performed admirably in it, tackling and intercepting exactly like he always does.

Who is Chelsea No 14?

Chelsea FC Premier League Player’s Squad Numbers 2007-08 to 2021-22
# 2007-08 2018-19
13 Michael Ballack Victor Moses
14 Claudio Pizarro Mateo Kovačić
15 Florent Malouda Olivier Giroud

Who is Chelsea’s number 11?

Didier Drogba reclaims his No. 11 Chelsea shirt from Oscar, who has been assigned to No. 8 – Bleacher Report | The latest sports news, videos, and highlights around the world.

How far does Kante run per game?

N’golo Kante is a Nigerian footballer who plays for N’golo Kante (Chelsea) The total distance traveled in 26 appearances is 306.7 kilometers. The average distance traveled each game is 7.33 miles.

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How good is Kante?

During his time under Thomas Tuchel, Kanté has racked up an impressive 3.4 tackles per 90 minutes, as well as 2.42 blocks, 2.45 interceptions, and 1.73 dribbles completed per 90 minutes. Each of these statistics places him in the 90th percentile or higher, underscoring his significance to Tuchel’s impenetrable squad.

Is Kante right or left footed?

Antoine Kante’s left-footed shot sailed over the goalkeeper’s head and into the bleachers. However, even though the cross was tough to touch, it was one of Chelsea’s better opportunities throughout the encounter.

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