How Much Did Manchester United Pay For Robin Van Persie?

Robin van Persie was appointed captain of the Netherlands national team on June 7, 2013. Van Persie signed a three-year contract with Manchester United in August 2012 for a reported $37 million.

How much did Robin van Persie cost Man Utd?

‘Manchester United sign Robin van Persie from Arsenal in a £24 million deal’. BBC Sport, 17th of August, 2012 Retrieved on the 3rd of January, 2013. A former Manchester United coach has revealed Robin van Persie’s jersey number.

Who is new Manchester United signing Robin van Persie?

A four-year contract with Arsenal striker Robin van Persie has been negotiated between Manchester United and the Gunners in a £24 million agreement. The 29-year-old will meet with United in the next 48 hours to negotiate personal issues as well as to undergo a medical examination and examination.

What football club did Robin van Persie play for?

Manchester United Football Club The original version of this article was published on November 10, 2013. Retrieved on the 17th of August, 2012. ‘Manchester United sign Robin van Persie from Arsenal in a £24 million deal’. BBC Sport, 17th of August, 2012 Retrieved on the 3rd of January, 2013. A former Manchester United coach has revealed Robin van Persie’s jersey number.

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Did Arsenal offer Van Persie a new contract?

Despite the fact that Arsenal was eager to make Van Persie their highest-paid player in history, it is believed that they never offered him a new deal. Juventus and Manchester City were also interested in signing Van Persie, but it is believed that United was the only team out of the three that Van Persie would have contemplated joining if offered the chance.

How much did Man Utd buy Van Persie for?

″I sold him to Manchester United,″ says the seller. Because of this, my fans were enraged with me, but we were unable to match the offer. Eventually, I was able to negotiate his release for £24million, which was a significant sum at the time for a player who still had a year remaining on his contract. I was merely thinking about the club’s best interests.

When did United buy Van Persie?

On this day in 2012, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson stated that the club had made an offer for Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie.

Why did Van Persie join United?

In the span of a single season at Old Trafford under Sir Alex Ferguson, the former Arsenal striker transformed himself into a Manchester United icon. He has said that he joined Manchester United in 2012 because he wanted to play among other successful players.

Why was Van Persie sold?

Having suffered a series of injuries and seen his age catch up with him, United decided to sell Van Persie to Fenerbahce in 2015.

How old was Robin van Persie when he signed for Manchester United?

At his unveiling, the Dutchman, who was then 29 years old, remarked, ‘It’s an honor to sign for Manchester United.’ The prospect of following in the footsteps of so many great attackers, bringing my expertise to the table, and doing my part to assist the club in their pursuit of the biggest trophies in the game is exciting to me. This is something I can’t wait to get started on.″

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How old was Van Persie when he signed for Arsenal?

Arsenal today announced the signing of Feyenoord forward Robin van Persie, a promising young Dutch talent. After winning the Premiership title, the newly-crowned champions announced that the highly regarded 20-year-old will join them ″on a long-term deal for an undisclosed amount.″

How many trophies did Van Persie win?

He played for the club for eleven years, during which time he won four league crowns, three FA Cups, a League Cup, a Cup Winners Cup, and a Super Cup. He scored the lone goal in the finals of the League Cup and the UEFA Super Cup, and he also scored in the final of the Football Association Cup in 1994.

When did RVP leave Arsenal?

Robin van Persie has spoken up about his much-maligned departure from Arsenal in 2012, stating that the club’s former chief executive Ivan Gazidis had a significant role in pressuring him to join Manchester United in the first place.

What team does Van Persie play for?

The transfer history of Robin van Persie

From To Date
Feyenoord Arsenal 01 Jul 2004
Arsenal Man Utd 17 Aug 2012
Man Utd Fenerbahce 20 Jul 2015
Fenerbahce Feyenoord 22 Jan 2018

How many goals did Van Persie scored for Man Utd?

Dutch forward Robin van Persie scored 30 goals in 48 games to help Manchester United reclaim the Premier League championship from their neighbours Manchester City. The striker has scored 40 goals in 62 games since moving to Old Trafford for £24 million from Arsenal in the summer of 2012.

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Did Van Persie won Golden Boot in Arsenal?

‘Van Persie won the Premier League Golden Boot (a list of Golden Boot Award winners from 1992 to 2012)’, according to the BBC. Arsenal Football Club (Arsenal FC). 14th of May, 2012.

How many goals did Van Persie scored against Chelsea?

Van Persie’s hat-trick in the 2011 Premier League versus Chelsea. When Arsenal played Chelsea in 2011, Rob van Persie scored three goals as the Gunners came away with all three points at Stamford Bridge.

How much did Van Persie sell Arsenal for?

Announcing the deal comes only two days after Arsenal, van Persie’s former club, said that it had reached an agreement with its rival on a transfer fee of £24 million ($38 million) for the forward.

What happened to RVP?

So, what was the reason behind Robin van Persie’s departure from Manchester United? Following Sir Alex’s retirement, both Manchester United and Van Persie’s fortunes began to deteriorate. After two disappointing seasons and a recurrent ankle injury, Louis van Gaal decided to sell him for a mere £3.8 million to Fenerbache in the summer of 2017.

When did RVP leave Man Utd?

Following two injury-plagued seasons, Van Persie fell out of favor at Manchester United, and he was granted permission to join Fenerbahçe in July of the following year.

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