How Much Does Jamie Vardy Earn Per Week?

Jamie Vardy is Leicester City’s highest-paid player, earning £140,000 a week, making him the highest-paid player at the club. He is also the club’s most valuable asset. Kasper Schemeichel, on the other hand, has risen to become one of Leicester’s best earners, earning £130,000 a week.

What is Jamie Vardy wage?

Premier League striker Jamie Vardy has agreed to a four-year deal for £29,120,000 with Premier League club Leicester City, which includes an annual average wage of £7,280,000. Vardy will earn a basic salary of £7,280,000 in 2021, with a cap hit of £7,280,000. He will also receive a bonus of £7,280,000.

How much is grealish salary per week?

When Grealish signed for Manchester City for such a hefty cost, it was only reasonable that he be rewarded with a rich deal. His weekly wage at the club is 360,000 euros per week, with only Kevin de Bruyne earning more than him in the same period (420,000 euros).

How much is ndidi weekly salary?

Current Contract

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Year Age Weekly Salary
2018-19 21 £75,000
2019-20 22 £75,000
2020-21 23 £75,000
2021-22 24 £75,000

Who is the highest paid player in EPL?

Several Manchester United players appear on this list of the highest-paid Premier League players, with four of the top five earners having their jobs with the Red Devils. Salaries in the Premier League’s highest division.

Player Club Yearly salary
1. Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United £26.4m
2. Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City £20.4m
3. David de Gea Manchester United £19.2m
4. Jadon Sancho Manchester United £18m

What is Declan Rice salary?

Declan Rice has agreed to a five-year deal for £780,000 with West Ham United Football Club, which includes a salary of £160,000 per year on average. Rice will earn a basic salary of £156,000 in 2021, with a cap hit of £156,000. He will also receive a bonus of £16,000.

What is Mohamed Salah salary?

Salah now makes £200,000 per week, according to Spotrac, making him the equal highest earner at Liverpool with Virgil van Dijk and Thiago Alcantara in terms of wages. However, there are 13 players in the Premier League who make more money than the free-scoring forward, making him the highest earner in the league.

How much does mahrez earn a week?

2021 Active Roster

Player (21) Pos. Weekly Salary
Aymeric Laporte D £120,000
Riyad Mahrez M £120,000
Ruben Dias D £115,385
Kyle Walker D £110,000

How much is Neymar weekly wages?

The numbers that come from breaking down Neymar’s earnings are mind-boggling. The $96 million he made last year is equivalent to $8 million each month and $1.85 million every week. That implies Neymar gets $265,000 every day and nearly $11,000 each hour, for a total of $265,000.

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What is Harvey Barnes wage?

Wages for Leicester City players in the 2020-21 season

Name Age Wages in £/Week
Marc Albrighton 30 72,500
Harvey Barnes 22 60,000
James Maddison 23 105,000
Demarai Gray 24 55,000

How much is Moses Simon salary?

At one point in his career, he was FC Nantes’ biggest earner, earning 150,000 Euros a month in salary. According to But, the Ligue 1 club will now demand roughly 20 million euros for the all-action winger who plays on both wings. Moses Simon, a 26-year-old midfielder for FC Nantes, has been a key factor in the team’s outstanding performance in Ligue 1 this season.

How much does James Maddison earn at Leicester City?

Contract that is currently in effect James Maddison has agreed to a four-year deal for £22,880,000 with Leicester City, which includes a salary of £5,720,000 per annum on average. Maddison will earn a basic salary of £5,720,000 in 2021, with a cap hit of £5,720,000. He will also receive a bonus of £5,720,000.

Who is the richest footballer on earth?

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has been dubbed the world’s richest footballer after it was revealed that the Portuguese international now has a personal fortune of about €210 million.

Who is richest footballer in the world?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the richest footballer in the planet, with a net worth of $650 million. In 2021-22, he will earn $125 million, with a salary and incentives totalling $70 million, according to Forbes. Ronaldo returns to Manchester United, where he previously played from 2003 to 2009, winning three Premier League titles and one Champions League during his previous spell there.

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Who is the most paid player in the world in 2022?

Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) earns $53.8 million dollars each year. To many people’s surprise, Neymar is at the top of this list of the world’s highest-paid football players, ahead of superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

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