How Much Does N’Golo Kante Earn A Week?

N’Golo Kanté, a Chelsea player, receives a weekly salary of 325,000 euros. Even when you’re sleeping, it amounts to almost $ 60,000 every day, or approximately $ 2,000 per hour.

2021 Active Roster

Player (26) Pos. Weekly Salary
N’Golo Kante M £290,000
Timo Werner F £272,000
Saul Niguez M £198,269
Ben Chilwell D £190,000

What is N’Golo Kante’s salary?

N’Golo Kante has agreed to a five-year contract worth £37,500,000 with Chelsea Football Club, which includes an annual average salary of £7,500,000. During the year 2021, Kante will receive a basic salary of £7,500,000, with a cap hit of £7,500,000 added on top of that. NHL contract information are often obtained via NHL Numbers, which is a public domain resource.

How old is Golo Kante?

A French professional footballer, N’Golo Kante (born 29 March 1991) plays as a defensive midfielder for Premier League side Chelsea and the France national team. He was born in Paris, France. Having made his senior debut with Boulogne, he went on to spend two seasons with Caen, the latter of which was in Ligue 1. He signed for Leicester City in 2015 for a cost of £5 million.

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What is N’Golo Kanté’s net worth?

N’Golo Kanté has an estimated net worth of £78,249,600. N’Golo Kanté is a 30-year-old Frenchman who was born in the country. His current deal with the company expires on June 30, 2023.

Is Chelsea star N’Golo Kante married?

As far as we can tell, Kante is still single, and as a result, there is no single N’golo Kante wife photo available. When N’Golo Kante joined Chelsea in 2016, he agreed to a contract that would pay him €7.2 million per year. If we break down those statistics, we can see that N’golo Kante’s weekly wage was €146,341 (£125,949), which is a substantial amount of money.

How much does n Golo Kante get paid?

According to Firstsportz, N’Golo Kante’s net worth in 2021 will be £23 million ($31 million), which is equivalent to $31 million. With an annual wage of £15,080,000, N’Golo Kante is now one of the highest-paid Premier League players in the league this season.

Who is the highest-paid in Chelsea 2021?

  1. Chelsea’s Ben Chilwell earns £190,000 a week, making him the highest-paid player in the club.
  2. Timo Werner is paid £170,000 per week.
  3. Christian Pulisic earns £158,654 a week, according to Forbes.
  4. Kepa Arrizabalaga earns £150,000 a week as a professional soccer player.
  5. The salary of Cesar Azpilicueta is £145,000 per week.
  6. N’Golo Kante earns £144,231 a week as a footballer.
  7. Kai Havertz is paid £140,000 each week.

How much is Lukaku salary per week?

Romelu Lukaku’s salary in 2021: If he joins Chelsea, Lukaku would become the most expensive acquisition in the club’s history, and he is expected to earn about £250,000 per week.

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How much is Mason Mount salary?

With an annual income of $6.2 million and a weekly pay of $120,000, Mason Mount earns a total of $6.2 million every year. An improved offer for him in the future is likely to result in a rise in his wages in the near future. It is expected that his current contract will expire on June 30, 2024.

How much does Tammy Abraham earn?

Current Contract

Year Age Annual Salary
2019-20 21 £3,000,000
2020-21 22 £3,000,000
2021-22 23 £4,264,000
2022-23 24 £4,264,000

How much does Declan Rice earn?

Declan Rice has agreed to a five-year deal for £780,000 with West Ham United Football Club, which includes a salary of £160,000 per year on average. Rice will earn a basic salary of £156,000 in 2021, with a cap hit of £156,000. He will also receive a bonus of £16,000.

How much is De Gea weekly pay?

He makes 375,000 pounds per week and is married to Edune, a Spanish singer-actress-TV personality who is also a professional soccer player.

How much does hazard earn per week?

Hazard allegedly agreed to pay of 400,000 pounds per week when he joined with Real Madrid, which is more than quadruple the amount he earned when playing for Chelsea. In euros, that equates to around 470,000 euros every week. And it amounts to between 24 and 25 million euros over the course of a year.

How much does Messi earn per week?

It is stated that his most recent contract with Barcelona is valued at a net sum of £500,000 ($610,000/€5655,000 per week), while before to signing that agreement, Messi’s salary was expected to be approximately £336,000 ($410,000/€3975,000 each week).

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