How Much Does Robin Van Persie Earn?

Robin van Persie receives a salary of $16 million a year, with an additional $3 million in sponsorship fees, on top of his base income. For the first time in his career, Van Persie can be considered a striker for both Manchester United and the Netherlands national football team.

How much is Robin van Persie worth?

The fact that Robin van Persie is a soccer player has contributed to his financial success.What is Robin van Persie’s net worth at the age of 37, and how much money does he have in his bank account?Robin van Persie’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million as of 2021.

Robin van Persie (born August 6, 1983) is a Dutch soccer player who is well-known across the world.He presently resides in the city of Rotterdam, in the country of the Netherlands.

What is Henrik van Persie’s net worth?

His net worth is estimated to be in the range of 50 million Euros, according to our calculations. What exactly does van Persie do these days? For a small period of time, he tried his hand at becoming a pundit. He’s just 36 years old and has some time left until he determines what he wants to do for the rest of his life.

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How much did Robin van Persie cost Man Utd?

‘Manchester United sign Robin van Persie from Arsenal in a £24 million deal’. BBC Sport, 17th of August, 2012 Retrieved on the 3rd of January, 2013. A former Manchester United coach has revealed Robin van Persie’s jersey number.

How many goals has Robin van Persie scored in his career?

Van Persie scores his 300th career goal, which includes four of his greatest efforts. ESPN, 1 March 2018, retrieved 2 March 2018. ESPN, 1 March 2018. In a match that was disrupted by flares and pyrotechnics, Robin van Persie scored the winning goal in the Dutch Cup final. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC Sport). 22 April 2018. Retrieved on the 23rd of April, 2018.

Where is RVP now?

Robin van Persie, a former Arsenal and Manchester United striker, has returned to his childhood club Feyenoord to serve as a coach. Van Persie, 37, played his final season as a player for the Dutch national team in 2018-19 and will now serve as a coach to assist the strikers under manager Dick Advocaat.

How rich is Thierry Henry?

Thierry Henry Net Worth and Salary: Thierry Henry is a retired professional French footballer (soccer player) who has a net worth of $130 million. He played professionally for the Lyon football club. During his time on the field, he was widely regarded as the finest striker in the English Premier League.

How much did Man U sell Van Persie?

Manchester United have confirmed the signing of Dutch striker Robin van Persie to Old Trafford on a four-year contract after reaching an agreement with Arsenal for a cost of £24 million (per the BBC).

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How much did Van Persie get for Arsenal?

Announcing the deal comes only two days after Arsenal, van Persie’s former club, said that it had reached an agreement with its rival on a transfer fee of £24 million ($38 million) for the forward.

How many seasons did Van Persie play for Manu?

Robin van Persie

Personal information
Years Team ( Gls )
2001–2004 Feyenoord (14)
2004–2012 Arsenal (96)
2012–2015 Manchester United (48)

How many golden boots does van Persie have?

In the Premier League, he has won four Golden Boots. Alan Shearer and Harry Kane each have three goals to their names. Robin van Persie, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Michael Owen, Didier Drogba, and Mohamed Salah are the only players in the Premier League to have won two Golden Boots.

What is Arsenal manager salary?

These figures were revealed by The Sun this week, along with the announcement that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is due to get a rise in salary to £8.3 million per year, putting him in fifth place on the list.

How much is Keane worth?

Kevin and Theresa Doyle are the parents of five children: Shannon, Caragh, Aidan (a twin), Leah (an older sister), and Alanna (a younger sister). Roy Keane’s net worth is unknown.

Net Worth: $60 Million
Profession: Football player
Nationality: Republic of Ireland

How rich is Ian Wright?

Iain Wright’s net worth and salary: Ian Wright is a former English footballer who has a net worth of $20 million dollars. He played for the Manchester United football club.

Why did Arsenal sell RVP?

Having suffered a series of injuries and seen his age catch up with him, United decided to sell Van Persie to Fenerbahce in 2015.

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How old was RVP when he joined United?

At his unveiling, the Dutchman, who was then 29 years old, remarked, ‘It’s an honor to sign for Manchester United.’ The prospect of following in the footsteps of so many great attackers, bringing my expertise to the table, and doing my part to assist the club in their pursuit of the biggest trophies in the game is exciting to me.

When did United buy Van Persie?

On this day in 2012, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson stated that the club had made an offer for Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie.

Did Arsenal offer Van Persie a contract?

Prior to his surprise move to Manchester United, Robin van Persie claims he was not offered a new contract by his former club, Arsenal. The Netherlands striker left Arsenal in 2012 for Manchester United in a move of £24 million ($29 million). He had previously held the captaincy of the Gunners.

Who is the most prolific goal scorer in the Premier League?

Alan Shearer became the first player in Premier League history to score 100 goals during the 1995–96 season, and he retains the record for the shortest number of games played to achieve the feat, having done it in 124 appearances. In addition, with 260 goals in the Premier League, he holds the record for the most goals ever scored in the competition.

Why did Van Persie go to United?

In the span of a single season at Old Trafford under Sir Alex Ferguson, the former Arsenal striker transformed himself into a Manchester United icon. He has said that he joined Manchester United in 2012 because he wanted to play among other successful players.

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