Readers ask: How Career Free Kicks Does Messi Have?

Messi’s figure of 58 free-kick goals is just four shy of Diego Maradona’s total of 62 goals from direct free-kicks. That number, however, is considerably lower than former Lyon and Brazil midfielder, Juninho Pernambucano, who has scored the most free-kick goals in football history.

How many free kicks has Messi taken in his career?

Messi’s free-kicking genius blossomed late. It took him five seasons to register his first goal from a free-kick for Barcelona, and it was from 2015/16 that free-kick goals began to stream in frequently. As many as 33 of his 58 strikes have arrived in the last six years.

Is Messi good at free kicks?

This pursuit of perfection accounts for his incredible strike rate. Messi has scored five free kicks already in 2018 from 33 attempts on goal, per Reuters. His greater-than-15-percent conversion rate is more than double the six-percent average across Europe’s top five leagues, per ESPN.

Who is the king of free-kick?

Lionel Messi started his Copa America campaign with Argentina in inspired form, as he scored an excellent freekick against Chile. It was Messi’s 57th freekick goal in his career, a number not even Cristiano Ronaldo can match.

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Who is better in free kicks Messi or Ronaldo?

With a free-kick against Ecuador Messi now has gone past Ronaldo’s 57 career free-kick goals’ tally.

Who scored the longest free kick ever?

In 2013, playing for Stoke City, Begović scored a 97.5-yard screamer against Southampton. It was another attempted clearance, as the ball dropped in front of opponent keeper Artur Boruc, taking another sharp bouncing and rolling into the goal. He held the Guinness World Record for the same.

Who is the god of football?

He was none other than Diego Maradona, one of the world’s greatest football players, also called ‘The God of Football’. He saw heaven and hell on Earth and died Wednesday at the age of 60. Maradona was a player who, apart from scoring goals, also made mistakes.

How many hours does Messi practice a day?

They practice around 5 times a week depending on the games scheduled that week. They rest on day 2 and day 6 of the week. On average, they train around 4–5 hours per day and follow a strict diet plan.

Who is the best penalty taker?

The Southampton Legend Matt Le Tissier has to be the best ever penalty taker of all time. He had an incredible record and still remains one of the greatest penalty record in the history of football. He had a conversion rate of over 95% which was truly remarkable.

Who has scored more penalties?

Of all, Jedinak is the most consistent penalty taker based on current form, scoring 10 out of 10 penalties taken with a perfect form record. Mooy has scored 9 out of 10 penalties, missing just one, proving to be one of the top penalty takers overall.

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