Readers ask: Players Who Played With Messi And Ronaldo?

List of players of players who have played alongside Messi and Ronaldo

  • Angel Di Maria (Real Madrid with Ronaldo and Argentina with Messi)
  • Paulo Dybala (Juventus with Ronaldo and Argentina with Messi)
  • Gerard Pique (Manchester United with Ronaldo and Barcelona with Messi)

Who has played with Messi?

Ranking Lionel Messi’s 10 Best Team-Mates on Their Connection on the Pitch

  • Andres Iniesta.
  • Sergio Busquets.
  • Pedro.
  • Neymar.
  • Xavi.
  • Ronaldinho. Games together: 80 (Barcelona, 2004-08)
  • Jordi Alba. Games together: 290 (Barcelona, 2012-)
  • Javier Mascherano. Games together: 413 (Barcelona, 2010-18, Argentina 2005-18)

Did Di Maria played with Ronaldo?

Di Maria — who joined PSG in 2015 after spells at Real Madrid, where he was a teammate of Ronaldo, and Manchester United — has played with Messi for Argentina since the winger, 33, made his debut in 2008.

Who is more better between Messi and Ronaldo?

While Ronaldo currently has more goals overall, Messi has the edge in the scoring department, with a higher season average (39.5 to 35), having hit a high of 73 goals in 2011-12.

How much is Ronaldo worth?

2021 The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes Earnings His four-year contract with Juventus is worth an average of $64 million a year and expires in 2022. Ronaldo, a five-time FIFA player of the year, in 2020 became the first active team-sport athlete to surpass $1 billion in career earnings.

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What did Di Maria say about Ronaldo?

” One time he fought with Ronaldo, telling him he didn’t run, that everyone ran for him.” Di Maria scored 35 goals and assisted 86 more during his spell in Spain.

How Old Is Di Maria?

Angel Di Maria says he “didn’t give a f*ck about the Manchester United No 7” after being handed the jersey at Old Trafford in 2014 and claims Louis van Gaal is the main reason for his failure in English football.

Who is King of Football 2020?

Leo Messi: King of football.

Who is king of football now?

Lionel Messi is called as the Football king in 2021.

Is Ronaldo better than Neymar?

Cristiano Ronaldo is not better than him,” Pele – a winner of three World Cups – told Brazilian outlet UOL. “Technically, Neymar is way better, but he [Ronaldo] is better when using the head. In 16 appearances this term, Neymar has scored five goals, while tallying six assists – a team high for Barca in the league.

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