What Is Andy Cole Doing Now?

With the arrival of former England teammate Sol Campbell at League Two Macclesfield Town in January 2019, Cole returned to football coaching for the first time in his career. He then joined Campbell at League One Southend United as his attacking coach in October 2019, and remained there until the end of the 2019/20 season, following the club’s relegation to League Two.

How old is Andy Cole now?

Andy Cole, who recently spoke up about his continuing health fight, believes he will be grateful to live to reach 50 years old. Cole, a former Manchester United striker, has been self-isolating during the coronavirus epidemic and has disclosed the significant emotional and physical toll it has taken.

Who is Andrew Cole?

Andrew Alexander Cole (born 15 October 1971) is a former professional footballer from the United Kingdom. His playing career, which spanned from 1988 until 2008, was spent as a striker. In particular, he is recognized for his tenure in the Premier League with Manchester United, where he played for the club for six years and won multiple titles during that period.

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Where is former Manchester United striker Joe Cole now?

This year, he will be 48 and will be working as an assistant coach at Southend United. He formerly played for Manchester United and Newcastle United. Cole and I spoke about his kidney transplant 18 months ago, and he went into excruciating detail about the psychological and physical consequences of the procedure.

What was Andy Cole’s relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson like?

After losing to Chelsea in the 2000 Charity Shield, Andy Cole and Sir Alex Ferguson congratulated one other. ‘Working with Sir Alex Ferguson was an eye-opening experience,’ Cole recalls of his former boss at Manchester United. ‘He was outstanding.’ Getty Images/Stu Forster Photographic Collection

Is Andy Cole still married?

Cole married his long-term lover Shirley Dewar in July 2002, after a protracted courtship. Devante, their son, is also a professional footballer who now plays as a forward for the Barnsley Squirrels.

Are Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke still friends?

We are still excellent friends, and I think of him as a brother, which is one of the reasons we get along so well. He was by far the finest player I’d ever had the pleasure of playing with. We simply have this special connection.

Did Yorke and Cole get on?

They began to socialize with one another and to get along with one another away from the football field. There was a mutual respect between the two of them. The thing about those two was that it didn’t matter which of them scored, which is something that is fairly rare in sports. You often find that people need to score goals in order to feel happy, and Cole was no exception.

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Does Ashley Cole have a child?

What are the names of Ashley Cole’s children? Ashley Cole met his current fiancée Sharon Canu in 2014, four years after his contentious relationship with former Girls Aloud singer Cheryl came to light. Ashley Cole won the Premier League that season. Jaxon and Grace Cole are the couple’s two children, who they had together.

How good was Yorke?

Yorkshire scored 123 goals in the Premier League, a record for a non-European that was not broken until Sergio Agüero scored 124 goals for Manchester City in the Premier League in 2017. Yorke represented Trinidad and Tobago at the international level on 74 occasions between 1989 and 2009, scoring 19 goals in the process.

Did Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole have a relationship?

Cole discusses his telepathic bond with Yorke, who joined United during the club’s historic 1998/99 season and helped the club win the Premier League and the FA Cup. Yorke and Cole combined for an amazing 53 goals in Yorke’s first season, with Cole contributing 24 of those goals to the total.

Why did Dwight Yorke abandon Harvey?

According to her latest book, Dwight supposedly declined to visit Harvey after the latter had asked to see him over a supper in the Cheshire village of Alderley Edge, which she describes in detail. As Katie recounted in her book, which has been serialized in The Mirror, ‘I approached him and he didn’t say anything — it was quite awkward.’ He hadn’t even offered to buy me a drink!

How many penalties did Andy Cole score in his career?

What characteristics distinguish an excellent penalty taker? Andrew Cole may be the third-highest goal scorer in Premier League history, but he has only taken two penalties in his career, one of which he scored, and he confesses he has no idea what he is talking about.

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Is Andy Cole ill?

Andy Cole has opened up about how therapy helped him get out of a’really dark place’ after battling health problems. Having been diagnosed with a kidney illness three years earlier, the former Manchester United and England striker got a kidney transplant in 2017. Eurosport’s mobile application is available.

How good were Cole and Yorke?

Apart from that, they have scored a total of 53 goals between them, with 35 coming in the Premier League. Cole finished with 17 points in the league, while Yorke finished with 18. With his performance this season, Yorke was awarded the Premier League player of the season title as well as the Golden boot trophy. These two were a defender’s worst nightmare, to put it mildly.

How much did man United pay for Andy Cole?

Andy Cole will join Manchester United for £7 million. Newcastle supporters were outraged by Cole’s decision, and they demonstrated outside of St James’ Park. Kevin Keegan had to speak to them on the stairs of the stadium to calm them down.

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