What Number Is N’Golo Kante?

The phone number for N’Golo Kante is +44 7488810901. The following are the most recent N’Golo Kante phone numbers: N’Golo Kante’s WhatsApp Contact Information

What is Golo Kanté’s real name?

French footballer N’Golo Kanté (born 29 March 1991) is a midfielder who plays for Premier League side Chelsea and the France national team. He was born in Paris and has played for the French national team since 2005.

What shirt number does Golo Kante wear for Chelsea?

N’Golo Kante is a midfielder for the Premier League club Chelsea. He wears the number 7 shirt. He was given Ramires’ squad number, which he had left vacant upon his transfer to Jiangsu Suning earlier this season. Andriy Schevchenko, loanee Maniche and Adrian Mutu are just a few of the players who have worn No.7 while representing the club throughout its Premier League tenure.

Does N’Golo Kante have a house?

Automobiles and residences in Kante If there is one item that presently excites a large number of Chelsea FC supporters, it is most likely the location of N’Golo Kante’s home or the number of automobiles owned by the excellent footballer.

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What is the net worth of N’Golo Kante 2021?

The brilliant footballer, who is 30 years old, is now one of Chelsea FC’s highest-paid players, earning a salary of £200,000 each week. N’golo Kante gets a salary of 3.6 billion (£6,196,682) every year, and his current estimated net worth is a whopping 11.4 billion (£20 million) according to the most recent available figures.

Is Kante a number 6?

But he is a number six, an eight, and a ten — he can play in any position and at any time, and he does it in three separate positions. He will reshape our expectations of what a midfield player should be.″

Is Kante a 6 or 8?

While there was a bit of good fortune in the final result, Kante’s overall performance as a number eight was outstanding.

What is N Golo Kante kit number?

Kanté was assigned the number 7 shirt, which had been vacant since Ramires’ departure from the club in January.

Is Kante number 7?

Following his £32 million transfer from Premier League winners Leicester, N’Golo Kante has been assigned the No. 7 shirt for the next season at Chelsea.

Is Kante a DMF?

In addition to Ng’olo Kante, there is just one other defensive midfielder on the list. He has remained at Chelsea through it all, and while he has occasionally played in a more advanced role than he is accustomed to, there is no questioning his credentials as perhaps the finest number 6 in the world, if not the best in the world.

Is Kante a CDM or box-to-box?

Kanté can operate as a lone pivot, as a holder in a two-man midfield, as a box-to-box midfielder in a two-man midfield, or as a shuttler on the right side of a three-man midfield. Kanté is a versatile player. To put it clearly, Kanté is a versatile player who can perform everywhere.

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What squad number is Phil Foden?

In a new interview, Phil Foden discusses how he learned that Manchester City star Sergio Aguero wanted him to inherit his legendary number 10 shirt and why he finally decided to turn down the offer.

Who is number 7 in Arsenal?

Apparently, Arsenal has given Bukayo Saka the No. 7 jersey for the next season. He had a breakout season, scoring four goals and collecting ten assists across all competitions, and he will now follow in the footsteps of Robert Pires, Nelson Vivas and Liam Brady by becoming the youngest player in the club’s history to do so.

Who is Chelsea’s number 11?

Didier Drogba reclaims his No. 11 Chelsea shirt from Oscar, who has been assigned to No. 8 – Bleacher Report | The latest sports news, videos, and highlights around the world.

Who is Chelsea’s number 9?

Gonzalo Higuain is a soccer player from Argentina. Higuain, who joined Inter Milan on loan from Juventus in January 2019, made the bold choice to wear the No. 9 shirt. Alternatively, Chelsea had the option to purchase him outright for €36 million or to extend his loan by a season for half of that sum.

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