What Shoes Does Robin Van Persie Wear?

As a player, Van Persie stands out because he can not only score goals, but also set up teammates and, on occasion, do spectacular feats of skill. For the 2010 World Cup final, Van Persie chose the bright yellow adidas Predator X TRX over the black version. He also wore the black version throughout the game. He’s also been spotted in the Arsenal white hue on a few occasions.

The adidas F50 adiZero is the current shoe of choice for Robin van Persie. Van Persie made the transition from the adiPower Predator to the F50 adiZero in 2013, and he produced and wears his own customised leather model of the football boot. In addition to a leather top, his customized boots include the adiPower Predator soleplate, which optimizes speed, comfort, and traction all in one.

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