When Did Sol Campbell Retire?

Sol Campbell, a former England defender, has announced his retirement from the sport. 2nd of May, 2012

Campbell became a free agent in May 2011 when the club decided not to renew his contract. The announcement came from manager Alan Pardew. Campbell announced his retirement from football in May of the following year, in 2011.

What football team did Sol Campbell play for?

Sol Campbell (born 18 September 1974) is a former English footballer who now plays for the Manchester United.He has represented England at the international level as well as for a number of English football teams, including Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Portsmouth, and Notts County, among others.Benjamin Strack-Zimmermann, ‘Sol Campbell’, at www.national-football-teams.com.’Sol Campbell’ is a fictional character created by author Benjamin Strack-Zimmermann.

How old is Sol Campbell of Arsenal?

Sol Campbell (born 18 September 1974) is a former English footballer who now plays for the Manchester United. He has represented England at the international level as well as for a number of English football teams, including Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Portsmouth, and Notts County, among others.

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Who was the referee who disallowed Sol Campbell’s goal for England?

He has confessed that he did not see a foul when he denied Sol Campbell’s goal for England at the Euro 2004 tournament. English midfielder Urs Meier was in the midst of things during the Three Lions’ quarter-final match against Portugal, which ended in defeat for the Three Lions.

Who is Southend United boss Sol Campbell?

Sol Campbell is a guy on a mission, and he is determined to complete it. After an outstanding spell as manager of Macclesfield Town last season, the England great has been appointed as the next manager of Southend United. He may be excused for taking pleasure in the wealth he has amassed from the game, which is estimated to be around £40 million.

Is Sol Campbell retired?

Sol Campbell, a former Arsenal and England center-back, has declared his retirement from the sport of football. The decision was made after the 37-year-old failed to find a new club after being released by Newcastle United last summer.

What happened to Sol Campbell?

After retiring from playing in 2010, Campbell went on to manage Macclesfield Town, which he helped avoid relegation from the Football League on the last day of the 2018/19 season, and League One club Southend United.He has also worked as a consultant for the Premier League.However, he was forced to resign from his positions at both teams due to financial difficulties that existed before to his arrival.

When did Sol Campbell leave Arsenal?

During a point in his Arsenal career that saw him depart Highbury at half-time during a match against West Ham in 2006, Sol Campbell believes he had ‘no assistance’. Sol Campbell recounts a stage in his great career during which he was forced to leave a Premier League game at half-time with a tinge of regret in his voice.

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Is Sol Campbell an Arsenal legend?

Sol Campbell was one of the finest defenders of his period, and he will be remembered as a club icon at Arsenal for the rest of his life. The imposing centre-back was a vital member of ″The Invincibles″ in 2003/04, the first side in Premier League history to go a whole season without being defeated. Sol was a professional footballer in the Premier League for 20 years!

Why did Sol Campbell leave Tottenham?

Having spent more than 12 years with Tottenham, the former England defender rose through the club’s junior systems before becoming a star for their first squad. After 315 appearances, he turned down the offer of a new contract and moved across north London on a free transfer, a decision that sparked widespread outrage.

Was Sol Campbell Spurs captain?

Campbell, who was born in east London to Jamaican parents, began his professional football career with Tottenham Hotspur in December 1992. He played with Tottenham for nine years, making 255 games and scored ten goals, as well as captaining the side to victory in the 1999 Football League Cup Final against Leicester City.

Who is Sol Campbell?

‘Sol’ Campbell is a retired English footballer who was most known for his position as a center defender and for captaining the England squad throughout his playing career. Sol has played for a number of teams, including Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Portsmouth, and Newcastle United, as well as representing his country at international level.

Was Sol Campbell a Spurs fan?

Sketch was used to create this design. After leaving Tottenham for Arsenal two decades ago, the man himself claims it is ‘crazy’ that he continues to get hatred from Spurs supporters in the Being Sol Campbell documentary, which aired last month. In his opinion, the situation is ridiculous because it occurred such a long time ago.

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Why did Sol Campbell leave notts county?

The Notts County midfielder Sol Campbell departed the club on this day in 2009, his contract with the club being cancelled by mutual consent after only one game. ″After two weeks, he rapidly realized that it wasn’t for him. We were training one day when we returned to the stadium, and the next thing we knew, everything – including his boots – had vanished.

What number was Patrick Vieira?

Patrick Vieira’s Arsenal Shirt – Number 4 has been autographed.

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