When Harry Kane Met David Beckham?

When Harry Kane was 12 years old, he met David Beckham, who later became his mentor. Image courtesy of Getty Images When Becks opened his own football academy, one of the academy’s stars was Harry Kane, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur. At the time, he was 12 years old, and he seemed to be overjoyed at the prospect of seeing Becks in person.

How old was Harry Kane when he was with David Beckham?

When they were 11 years old, England captain Harry Kane and his childhood sweetheart stood with football great David Beckham in a photo taken by Beckham himself. We are willing to pay for tales! Send your films to [email protected] or post them on our Facebook page. Invalid email address A problem has occurred; please attempt this again later.

Who is Harry Kane’s wife?

A young Harry smiles as David Beckham wraps his arm around his shoulder. The girl in the photo is Harry’s now-wife, Kate Goodwin, and the boy in the shot is David Beckham. When England captain Harry Kane met David Beckham when he was 11 years old, it was a touching event. Currently, Harry Kane is married to Kate, his childhood love, with whom he has three children.

How old was Harry Styles when he met David Beckham?

Harry first met David Beckham when he was 11 years old, and the two became fast friends. He was in Greenwich, London, for David Beckham’s Beckham Academy’s grand opening ceremony. More information may be found at: Why is it referred to as Euro 2020 rather than Euro 2021?

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Who is Harry Kane’s daughter Ivy Beckham?

  1. A young Kane and Kate Goodland at the inauguration of the Beckham Academy in Greenwich, south east London, on the left, and their daughter Ivy, who is one at the time, on the right, both of whom are now.
  2. Kane, who was in attendance at the England vs.
  3. Nigeria encounter at Wembley Stadium in London last week, has followed in the footsteps of David Beckham by being selected to represent England in the World Cup.

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