Where Is Robin Van Persie?

He was born on August 6, 1983, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is a Dutch football coach and former professional footballer who played as a striker for the Dutch national team.He is widely regarded as one of the finest attackers of his generation, and he holds the record for the most goals scored by the Netherlands men’s national team in history.He is presently serving as an assistant manager at his alma mater Feyenoord, which is his first managing position.

The former Ajax coach is the leading candidate to take over as manager of Manchester United from the start of the next season. In an interview with the English, Van Persie stated that he intends to remain actively involved with his current club, Feyenoord, where he is now serving as the team’s head coach alongside Brian Pinas.

Who is Robin van Persie’s wife Bouchra?

Thierry van Persie has been married to Bouchra van Persie for a long period of time. During their adolescent years, the pair fell in love, and their love has survived the test of time.

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Waar woont Robin van Persie?

Robin van Persie has purchased a new home in the city of Rotterdam. He had previously purchased the home of Michel Perridon, a well-known zakenman and ardent Feyenoord supporter, from him. The venerable topvoetballer paid a total of 6.550.000 euros for a property with a riante garden in the sjieke Rotterdam neighborhood of Hillegersberg.

Hoeveel goals heeft Robin van Persie gemaakt?

It is hardly surprising that Van Persie scored the majority of his goals in the Premier League, where he played for both Arsenal and Manchester United between 2004 and 2015. To far, The Gunners have amassed 132 goal points in 280 matches, while The Mancunians have amassed 58 goal points in 95 matches.

Welk record heeft Robin van Persie?

The number of doelpunten set by the Netherlands Elftal is an unassailable record in the organization’s history. The record is in the hands of Robin van Persie, who wore the shirt of the Netherlands Elftal exactly 50 times while attempting to achieve his objective.

Waar woont Michel Perridon in Hillegersberg?

In order to proceed, the following information is provided by the service provider: ‘Zeer hoogwaardig en ongekend stijlvol Herenhuis,’ located directly aan de Bergse Achterplas, with an on-site oprit, garage, and botenhuis,’ says the service provider. ‘De Straatweg,’ also known as the street where you want to live in Hillegersberg, is a road in Hillegersberg, Germany.

Waar woont Don Perridon?

Perridon, who was also a BN’er thanks to Dragons’ Den, was hard at work on the construction of a new mansion on the Bergse Achterplas, on the site where an earlier Van der Valk stood. Perridon has purchased the Van der Valk-telg Rob’s stump ground in order to construct a replica of the city of Rotterdam.

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Waar speelde Van Persie in 2014?


Seizoen Club Totaal
2012/13 Manchester United 48
2013/14 28
2014/15 29

Waar speelt Shaqueel van Persie?

6th of February, 2022 – Feyenoord is hoping to sign a new Van Persie to a long-term deal this summer.When Shaqueel van Persie (15), the grandson of legendary Arsenal midfielder Robin van Persie, participates in the junior team, he generates so much interest that an initial professional contract is made available to him.The citizens of Rotterdam hope that he will sign a three-year contract with them.

Wie is de topscorer van het Nederlands elftal?

Nederlands elftal are the top scorers in the league.

# Speler Doelpunten ▾
1 Robin van Persie (38) 50
2 Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (38) 42
3 Patrick Kluivert (45) 40
4 Memphis Depay (28) 39

Hoeveel interland goals heeft Van Persie?

NEDERLANDS ELFTAL are the leading scorers.

Topscorers Nederlands elftal caps
1. Robin van Persie 102
2. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar 76
3. Patrick Kluivert 79
4. Memphis Depay 77

Wie is topscorer aller tijden?


# Speler Doelp.
1 Josef Bican 950
2 Cristiano Ronaldo 831
3 Ferenc Puskás 806
4 Ferenc Deák 795

Wie is topscorer aller tijden van de eredivisie?

List of the highest scorers in the Eredivisie’s men’s division throughout history

Nr. Speler Doelpunten
1 Willy van der Kuijlen 311
2 Ruud Geels 265
3 Johan Cruijff 215
4 Kees Kist 212

Wie is de topscorer van de eredivisie?

Sebastien Haller is the current leading scorer of the Eredivisie, with a total of 20 goals and assists. He is a member of the Ajax team. The following is a list of the best scorers in the Eredivisie for the season 2021-2022. Click here to see the list.

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