Which Clubs Did David Beckham Play For?

With his contribution to the club’s victory in the FA Young Cup, David Beckham became a member of the famed ‘Class of ’92’ youth players at Manchester United. He made his senior squad debut in 1992 and signed his first professional deal with Manchester United in January of the following year, becoming the most expensive player in the club’s history.

David Beckham

Youth career
1992–2003 Manchester United 265
1995 → Preston North End (loan) 5
2003–2007 Real Madrid 116
2007–2012 LA Galaxy 98

How many clubs has Beckham played for?

A former England international, he played for six different clubs, including Manchester United and Preston North End. He also represented his country at the international level for Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy and Paris Saint-Germain, as well as the England national team, for which he held the record for most appearances by an outfield player until Wayne Rooney passed him in 2016.

What clubs did David Beckham play for in the course of his career?

  1. David Beckham’s professional footballing career – Manchester United icon, Real Madrid Galactico, LA Galaxy great, and PSG finale
  2. The Los Angeles Galaxy
  3. Real Madrid is a Spanish football club based in Madrid.
  4. England
  5. Milan
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Which club did David Beckham retire at?

Beckham essentially retired in reverse, although at a slower pace. An protracted epilogue included five and a half seasons with the Los Angeles Galaxy and two loan stints at AC Milan, and it was with Paris Saint-Germain that he ultimately brought his career to a stop at the age of 38.

Did Beckham play for Tottenham?

As a youth, Beckham was a member of Tottenham’s School of Excellence for four years, during which time he also played for local sides Ridgeway Rovers – which eventually became Harry Kane’s squad – and Brimsdown Rovers, among others.

Is Beckham knighted?

David Beckham has been denied a knighthood for a second time, despite having received approval from the tax authorities. David Beckham, the legendary England footballer, has been turned over for a knighthood in the 2018 New Year’s Honours list, despite obtaining a clean bill of health from financial concerns that had threatened to derail his prospects of earning the honor.

Did David Beckham play for PSG?

David Beckham, one of the greatest English players to ever play the game, spent the final six months of his professional career at Ligue 1 giants Paris Saint-German (PSG). Beckham was named FIFA’s World Player of the Year in 2008. Beckham joined Paris Saint-Germain on a five-month contract in January 2013, following the expiration of his contract with Major League Soccer team La Galaxy.

Where do Ridgeway Rovers play?

Ridgeway Rovers Football Club is located at the Peter May Sports Centre.

Why did Beckham join LA Galaxy?

They were absolutely correct. In his announcement that he would be leaving Real Madrid, Beckham stated, ‘After evaluating numerous possibilities, including the possibility of remaining in Madrid or joining other important British and European teams, I have chosen to join the Los Angeles Galaxy.″ And he was completely incorrect, and he had a lot to prove.

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How many caps did David Beckham get for England?

He holds the record for the most outfield caps won by England and is the second most capped player in the country’s history.

Why did Beckham leave football?

In the wake of a significant breakdown in Beckham’s personal relationship with Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, Beckham was forced to leave the club. Ferguson claimed in his autobiography published in 2013 that he believed Beckham’s dedication to sport had been hampered by his involvement in business ventures.

Did Beckham play for Arsenal?

Beckham returned to Arsenal for a second time in January 2013, following his departure from the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2012 with two MLS Cup championship medals.

Does Romeo Beckham play Arsenal?

The youngster had previously spent time with the Arsenal Academy before signing his first professional deal with the Inter Miami reserve club, which is owned by David Beckham and coached by Phil Neville, a former England Women’s manager who had previously worked with the Arsenal.

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