Who Cheated On Kevin De Bruyne?

Caroline revealed to Courtois that she had cheated on his partner and had a sexual encounter with him when she first met him in Madrid. She also stated that Courtois provided her with the greatest emotional care she had ever had. She informed Kevin that he had cheated on her initially and that she had taken retribution.

Who was the girl who cheated on De Bruyne?

Caroline Lijnen, the ex-girlfriend of the Manchester City midfielder, had an affair with Thibaut Courtois, a colleague from Belgium, in 2012. KDB and Courtois were still under the control of Chelsea at the time. Courtois, on the other hand, was on loan with Atletico Madrid at the time of Caroline Lijnen’s visit to him in the Spanish capital.

Did Courtois cheat with De Bruyne wife?

The relationship between Kevin de Bruyne’s ex-girlfriend Caroline Lijnen and Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was revealed after she was cheated on by Kevin de Bruyne.

Who is Thibaut Courtois wife?

He has been in a relationship with Israeli model Mishel Gerzig since July 2021, and the two of them acquired a puppy together in August of same year.

Are De Bruyne and Courtois friends?

Kevin De Bruyne and Thibaut Courtois are unquestionably two of the best players in the world at their respective positions, but the two are completely at odds with one another – despite the fact that they both wear the same national team uniform. A disagreement arose between them after Kevin’s girlfriend cheated on him in order to win Courtois’ affections.

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