Who Does David Beckham Support Football?

David inherited his parents’ love of Manchester United, and football was his major athletic interest growing up in the city. He attended one of Bobby Charlton’s Soccer Schools in Manchester and was given the opportunity to participate in a training session with the Barcelona football club as part of a talent contest.

Who do David Beckhams kids support?

Brooklyn Beckham, Beckham’s eldest child, is a supporter of Arsenal despite the fact that the rest of the family is a supporter of Manchester United – and Brooklyn trains with London rivals Chelsea. A statement from Beckham to French sports newspaper L’Equipe stated that he had two boys who support Manchester United and one who supports Arsenal.

Who does Beckham endorse?

Adidas, Armani, Pepsi, and other brands Over the years, a slew of major corporations have approached Beckham about being the face of their respective brands. The Englishman has signed a multi-year contract with Adidas, which is claimed to have paid him 115 million pounds for his services.

What companies does Beckham own?

Even after retiring from professional soccer in 2013, the former England and Manchester United legend has continued to work with firms such as H&M, Adidas, Diageo, and L’Oreal. His endorsement relationships with Tudor watches and Haig, a whiskey manufacturer, are controlled by his firm, DB Ventures LLC.

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Is Beckham retired?

David Beckham will go down in history as one of the greatest players to emerge from the English football scene, following a very successful and memorable career with England, Manchester United, and Real Madrid, among others.

How much did Adidas pay David Beckham?

Back in 2003, the then-Real Madrid hero was compensated a record £115million to sign the contract, making it one of the most lucrative contracts in sports history. The genesis of adidas and Puma may be traced back to a rivalry between brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler, who founded two competing shoe firms in Germany in the 1920s.

Did Adidas sponsor David Beckham?

A lifetime endorsement agreement with Adidas for $160.8 million was signed by European soccer player David Beckham. It was one of the greatest endorsement deals in professional sports at the time.

How much is David Beckham worth 2021?

David Beckham’s net worth is estimated to be $450 million as of 2022. David Robert Joseph Beckham is a retired English professional footballer who hails from the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Net Worth: $450 Million
Last Updated: 2021

How is David Beckham so rich?

Despite the fact that David Beckham has had a lengthy and successful football career, as well as several fashion collaborations, he and his wife Victoria are reported to be worth $450 million USD apiece.

How did David and Victoria meet?

At early 1997, the two initially met in the Manchester United players’ lounge, where they became fast friends. Victoria was better known as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls at the time, and David was on the verge of becoming a global celebrity as a result of his excellent European soccer career. Victoria claims that she knew immediately away that David was the one for her.

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How long have the Beckhams been married?

With a 20-year marriage under their belt, Victoria and David Beckham’s love tale is one for the ages. As the footballer and Spice Girl prepare to mark their 20th wedding anniversary this July, here’s the tale of how they met and the history of their relationship since, including their wedding in 1999 and the birth of their four children.

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