Who Is Ashley Cole Dating?

Ashley Cole was born on December 20, 1980, in Whitechapel, London, United Kingdom. He amassed his 35 million-dollar wealth while playing for Arsenal, Chelsea, and the England National Football Squad, among other teams. Pascal Craymer, a football player who is 41 years old and whose zodiac sign is Sagittarius, is now in a relationship with the football player.

Ashley Cole is getting ready to start a new chapter in his life after proposing to his longtime girlfriend Sharon Canu. On Thursday evening, the former Arsenal footballer seemed to propose to his long-term girlfriend, who then shared the happy news on Instagram.

What happened to Cheryl Cole’s relationship with her ex-husband Ashley North?

While they were married, Cheryl was well-known for her closeness to Ashley’s family, and she maintained those ties after their divorce, even paying visits to Ashley’s mother, Sue, who once described Cheryl as ″a daughter,″ in the months following their divorce and becoming godmother to Ashley’s niece and goddaughter, Livvia, now nine.

Who is Cheryl Cole married to?

To learn more about Cheryl’s past relationships, swipe through the gallery.Cheryl began dating England player Ashley Cole not long after her meteoric ascent to fame, and the pair even traveled to Brazil for the World Cup together, with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Coleen Rooney.The couple, who were clearly head over heels in love, tied the knot in 2016, after signing a six-figure magazine deal at the time.

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What happened to Cheryl Cole’s ex-boyfriend Ashley Olsen?

Ashley and Cheryl’s relationship was said to have deteriorated as a result of the loss of their once-cherished closeness. It was rumored relationships, including an alleged affair with hairstylist Aimee Walton in 2008, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the former model. The couple’s romance came to an end, and they were legally divorced in 2010.

Does Ashley Cole have a child?

What are the names of Ashley Cole’s children? Ashley Cole met his current fiancée Sharon Canu in 2014, four years after his contentious relationship with former Girls Aloud singer Cheryl came to light. Ashley Cole won the Premier League that season. Jaxon and Grace Cole are the couple’s two children, who they had together.

Who is Cheryl Cole with now?

Initially, she continued to go by her marital name, but she eventually switched to the mononym Cheryl for her music endeavors. Cheryl tied the knot with French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini on July 7, 2014, following a three-month relationship with him.

Who did Ashley Cole date?

When did Ashley Cole and Sharon Canu announce their engagement to one another? Ashley said that he had proposed to Sharon on March 31, 2022, 12 years after his divorce from Cheryl Cole was finalized. The Chelsea star shared the news with followers on Instagram, alongside Sharon, who said that she was celebrating the ‘easiest yes she’d ever uttered.

Does Cheryl Cole have a child?

The month of March 2017. Bear Grey Payne is the name of the baby boy that Cheryl and Liam Payne brought into the world after months of rumor.

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Are Cheryl and Liam still married?

Despite the fact that their relationship did not last, the former X Factor judge and contestant are still close since they have a son, Bear, who was born in 2017 to them. While Cheryl and Liam had been romantically linked for almost 2 1/2 years, they decided to end their relationship at the end of 2018 — though they have continued to co-parent their 4-year-old son together.

Why did Cheryl leave Ashley?

She married Cole in 2006 and divorced him in 2010, claiming ‘unreasonable behavior’ as the basis for her decision, which came as a result of claims of adultery. Regarding their romance, the Girls Aloud actress adds, ″I thought he was fantastic.″

Is Cheryl Cole in a relationship?

CHERYL has revealed that she has learned to be content with herself and that she is embracing her single status. The 37-year-old actress, who has a kid with her ex-partner Liam Payne, has returned to the spotlight following a one-year vacation from the world of social media.

Where is Ashley Cole working now?

Following his retirement from playing, Cole transitioned towards the coaching side of the game, joining his previous club Chelsea as head coach of their academy under-16’s team in 2011. In July 2021, he was appointed assistant head coach of the England under-21 team, a position that he will hold in addition to his coaching responsibilities at Chelsea.

Is Andy Cole still married?

Cole married his long-term lover Shirley Dewar in July 2002, after a protracted courtship. Devante, their son, is also a professional footballer who now plays as a forward for the Barnsley Squirrels.

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