Who Is Vincent Kompany?

He was born on April 10, 1986, in Brussels, Belgium, and is now the manager of the Belgian national football team. He formerly played as a centre-back for his country’s national football team, FC Antwerp. He is the manager of Belgian team RSC Anderlecht at the time of writing.

Was Vincent Kompany good?

Vincent Kompany’s professional life has been notable for a variety of reasons. In his 11 years with Manchester City, the Belgian has won the Premier League four times and been awarded Premier League Player of the Season in 2011-12 — the season in which City won their first title in 44 years — and was crowned Premier League Player of the Season in 2012-13.

Does Vincent Kompany own a club?

FC Bleid-Molenbeek, the hometown club of Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany, was bought by the club in March 2013.

Is Vincent Kompany still a manager?

Anderlecht have been under the management of Kompany, who is still just 36 years old, since the summer of 2020.

Does Vincent Kompany have a statue?

Manchester City are overjoyed to announce the unveiling of permanent monuments of club heroes Vincent Kompany and David Silva at the Etihad Stadium this afternoon.

Is Vincent Kompany still manager of Anderlecht?

Vincent Kompany, a former Manchester City captain, has announced his retirement from the game to take over as manager of Anderlecht on a four-year contract.

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Why did Vincent Kompany leave Man City?

Kompany will return to Anderlecht, the club where he spent his formative years between the ages of six and twenty years. Having been ″born and bred″ as a footballer at the club, as he indicated in his statement on Sunday morning, he will depart in order to spend the next three seasons working to turn around the club’s fortunes as player-manager.

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