Why Did Ashley Cole Leave Arsenal?

In an interview with ESPN, Ashley Cole says that he left Arsenal because their winning ‘culture was coming apart,’ and that’money was the last thing’ on his mind when he decided to join rivals Chelsea in the summer.

What did Ashley Cole do to Arsenal?

  1. With Arsenal, he won two Premier League championships and three FA Cups, and he was a key player of the ‘Invincibles’ club of the 2003–04 season, which went the full league season undefeated.
  2. He retired from professional football after the 2003–04 season.
  3. A year later, in 2006, Cole made his first appearance in Arsenal’s inaugural UEFA Champions League final, which the team lost to Barcelona 2–1.

When did Ashley leave Arsenal?

The former Arsenal midfielder has admitted that he was ‘a little bit obstinate’ when he made the decision to join London rivals Chelsea in 2006.

Is Ashley Cole an Arsenal fan?

  1. Arsenal fans used to idolize Ashley Cole when he played for the club.
  2. Arsenal’s youth system produced the Englishman, who made his senior debut for the club in 1999 after progressing through the ranks.
  3. He quickly established himself as a regular for the club and played a key role in their illustrious undefeated season in 2003/04.
  4. However, he would be forced to leave the club in extremely contentious circumstances in 2006.
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Who did Arsenal swap Ashley Cole for?

Ashley Cole in exchange for William Gallas and £5 million A considerable period of discussions had elapsed between the two teams until Arsenal yielded on their desire for a £25 million fee for Cole, accepting instead a £5 million sum and Gallas in exchange. Fortunately, the Blue half of London benefited from the agreement.

What is Ashley Cole doing now?

Following his retirement from playing, Cole transitioned towards the coaching side of the game, joining his previous club Chelsea as head coach of their academy under-16’s team in 2011. In July 2021, he was appointed assistant head coach of the England under-21 team, a position that he will hold in addition to his coaching responsibilities at Chelsea.

Is Ashley Cole the best left back?

Ashley Cole is ranked tenth. In the words of the late Tottenham icon Jimmy Greaves, ″he is the best English full-back I have ever seen, and for several years he was the best left-back in the world — superb both in defence and when attacking.″

Is Ashley Cole related to Andy Cole?

Among those with the surname Cole, Andy is unquestionably the fifth finest international player of all time, ranking after Ashley Cole (no relation), Joe Cole (no connection), Carlton Cole (no relation) and the legendary Old King Cole (of Biblical fame – no relation).

Does Ashley Cole support Arsenal or Chelsea?

A new chapter has been written in Ashley Cole’s life following his contentious transfer to Chelsea, which resulted in the left-back being the subject of criticism from Arsenal fans. Cole, 38, was a key member of Arsenal’s two Premier League championship teams during his time at the club, but he departed to join the Gunners’ London rivals in 2006 following a prolonged controversy.

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How much did Chelsea buy Ashley Cole?

Ashley Cole is on his way from Arsenal to Chelsea. Transfer fees of £5 million and the departure of William Gallas were the final results. Colin Cole, affectionately known as ‘Cashley’ by the Arsenal supporters who used to adore him, had an up and down last season with the Gunners.

How much did Arsenal offer Ashley Cole?

A £16.5million bid from Chelsea was reportedly turned down, whilst Arsenal were claimed to be adamant on spending more money.

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