Why Did Eden Hazard Kick The Ball Boy?

After kicking the ball boy who had fallen on top of it, Hazard was attempting to collect the ball and ended up kicking the adolescent. Following the game, Hazard said that he was simply attempting to kick the ball. ″The youngster pushed his full body on to the ball, and I was just trying to kick the ball,″ Hazard said. ″I believe I was the one who kicked the ball, not the youngster.″

Hazard was sent a straight red card by referee Chris Foy following the unusual event, which occurred when he was 22 years old. As the Belgian winger sought to recover the ball from Morgan, who had fallen on top of it, he ended up kicking the kid in the process.

Why was Eden Hazard sent off at Liberty Stadium?

Hazard was shown a red card by referee Chris Foy in the dying seconds of Wednesday night’s Capital One Cup semi-final second leg at Liberty Stadium after striking out at Charlie Morgan. When the ballboy, a 17-year-old teenager, refused to hand over the ball after it had been sent out for a goal kick, the Belgium playmaker lost his patience.

What happened between Jaden Morgan and Eden Hazard?

Morgan was knocked to the ground as Hazard sought to take the ball away from him. The 22-year-old then attempted to kick the ball out from beneath Morgan, but it appeared that he made contact with the youngster instead. As a result, Redknapp sympathizes with Hazard while also holding Morgan accountable for the situation. ‘ Hazard nudged the ball beneath the boy’s body with his toe.

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