Why Did Luis Suarez Leave Barcelona?

He feels he was driven out of the club because of his friendship with Lionel Messi, according to Luis Suarez, who spoke to ESPN about the situation. Suarez, 33, joined Atletico Madrid last month after spending six years at Barcelona, where he amassed 198 goals and finished third on the club’s all-time scoring list.

More from the Everything Barca website. Suarez is currently 34 years old, and it is believed that this was one of the primary reasons why he was asked to quit the team. In an interview with France Football, the striker confessed that he had been told he was too old to continue playing at the highest level of competition.

What happened to Luis Suárez?

With the departure of Luis Suárez from Barcelona to Atlético de Madrid for a fee of just 6 million euros in variables after six years at the club where his family resides, we say goodbye to a club legend and one of the finest players to ever don the blaugrana colors. Football is a sport with a cyclical nature.

How good was Suarez at Barcelona?

While Suarez was 33 years old when he left Barcelona, he was still in tremendously good shape, which would have put him well past his peak under normal conditions. ″If I hadn’t done anything for three or four seasons at a team like Barcelona, I would have understood,″ he concluded. ″However, I averaged more than 20 goals every season throughout my time at Barcelona.″

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Was Luis Suárez the best striker in football history?

The intermediary was Luis Suárez, one of the greatest attackers in the history of the sport, who inspired supporters of Ajax, Liverpool, Uruguay, and Barcelona to root for him even in his darkest times, as he did in the final.Suárez was a contentious figure who frequently expressed himself on the field, particularly at Barcelona, where he cut out any dispute for the sake of peace of mind at the Camp Nou.

What was it like for Suarez’s children when he left Liverpool?

It was difficult because of the insults I had received, but I wanted my children to witness me walk out of the club with my head held high.’ When the time came to inform my children about the relocation, I found it quite difficult. They’re getting older, and they had a sense that something was going to change.’ Sketch was used to create this design.

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