Why Did Luis Suarez Leave Liverpool?

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez claims he wanted to quit the Reds and join Arsenal in 2013 because he didn’t want to lose out on the opportunity to play in the Champions League. The Uruguayan international joined the Reds in 2011 and remained with them for three years before joining Barcelona on a free transfer.

When did Luis Suarez left Liverpool?

Between 2011 to 2014, he was a member of the Liverpool squad until joining FC Barcelona in 2015. After attempting to leave the club in 2013 for Arsenal, Suarez has admitted that his motivation for wanting to join the Gunners was because the club had a history of being a constant Champions League contender.

Why did Suarez go to Arsenal?

Luis Suarez reveals that he has expressed an interest in joining Arsenal. He stated that he wished for the club to return to the Champions League and compete for major prizes, and that he intended to have the squad play outstanding football.

What did Suarez do for Liverpool?

Suárez joined with Premier League team Liverpool in 2011, and in his first full season with the club, he won the League Cup. In 2014, he equaled the Premier League season goalscoring record with 38 goals in 38 games, earning him his first European Golden Shoe award.

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Why does Suarez kiss his three fingers?

It is the name of Luis Suarez’s eldest daughter Delfina that he has tattooed on his wrist, which he has inked there. He kisses his ring finger first, as a hint to his wife Sofia, and then kisses the tattoo on his forearm. And lastly, he brings the party to a close by kissing three of his fingers, which represent his wife and two children.

Why did Coutinho leave Liverpool?

The striker departed Liverpool after making 20 appearances for the club in 2017–18, scoring 12 goals and providing nine assists. ‘I only have positive things to say about Philippe, but I believe he left Liverpool because he wanted to play for one of the two major Spanish teams,’ said Liverpool chairman Tom Werner.

When did Gerrard leave Liverpool?

Gerrard never played a game for Liverpool under Klopp. He left Liverpool in the summer of 2015 after 710 games for his childhood club, during which he won the Champions League, two FA Cups, three League Cups and the UEFA Cup. He went on to play for the LA Galaxy of Major League Soccer before returning to Liverpool in the summer of 2016.

Who bought Suarez for Liverpool?

For three and a half years, he wore the number 7 shirt for Liverpool. The Uruguayan attacker joined the Reds from Dutch club Ajax on deadline day in January 2011, being the first significant move supervised by Reds icon Kenny Dalglish since his return to the bench in the summer of 2010.

Is Suarez retired?

The 40-year-old announced his retirement last month, bringing an end to a 20-year playing career that saw him make 611 career appearances and score 173 goals in his last season.

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Why does Suarez wear a wrist guard?

Luis Suarez chooses to wear it for a variety of reasons. Because he is concealing bracelets and tattoos, and because he is little superstitious, it is also stated that he wears it for protection from a prior injury and because he is somewhat superstitious.

Why do Italian players kiss their wrist?

Other players do it as well, but why do they do it? To be more specific, soccer players such as Luis Suarez and others kiss their wrists in order to commemorate whatever their wrist tattoos symbolize to them, and these tattoos are often those that represent the player’s loved ones.

Why do football players kiss their wrists?

Some players who have tattoos on their wrists or forearms will frequently kiss them in order to show respect to whoever or whatever the tattoo represents or represents in their lives. The Spanish striker lvaro Negredo, as well as the Uruguayan Luis Suárez, provide as examples.

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