Why Does Luis Suarez Kiss His Fingers?

After scoring a goal, Luis Suarez always performs the same thing. He begins by kissing the tip of his right index finger, followed by a little peck on his wrist, then repeating the motion on his two middle fingers and thumb – all in honor of his wife and two children.

This is actually a homage to his parents and siblings. It is the name of Luis Suarez’s eldest daughter Delfina that he has tattooed on his wrist, which he has inked there. He kisses his ring finger first, as a hint to his wife Sofia, and then kisses the tattoo on his forearm.

Why do soccer players kiss their ring finger?

The ring finger of certain soccer players is kissed to symbolize their love and respect for their life partner or spouse. There are players who do it before or after certain personal life events, and there are others who do it all of the time to demonstrate their unending love and support for their spouse.

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Why do players kiss their wrists?

Some players who have tattoos on their wrists or forearms will frequently kiss them in order to show respect to whoever or whatever the tattoo represents or represents in their lives. The Spanish striker lvaro Negredo, as well as the Uruguayan Luis Suárez, provide as examples.

Why does Suarez tape his fingers?

Luis Suarez chooses to wear it for a variety of reasons. Because he is concealing bracelets and tattoos, and because he is little superstitious, it is also stated that he wears it for protection from a prior injury and because he is somewhat superstitious.

Why did Suarez cried?

Suarez is in tears after winning the La Liga title because he believes he will be ‘disrespected’ by Barcelona in 2020.

Why do soccer players wear tape on their wrists?

Protection for the Wrists Athletic tape is applied to the wrists of players in order to protect their wrists. The most of the time in soccer, players are battling for ball position, pushing and eliminating their opponents. Wrists, fingers, and other joints can get pinched or bent in an incorrect direction.

Why do soccer players pick up the ball after scoring?

Immediately after scoring, a player from the other side rushes to the goal to take the ball and bring it as quickly as possible to the center. Because the ball is in ″his team possession,″ the goaltender (who has just been scored against) snatches the ball from the other team (kickoff after being scored on).

What does it mean when football players pretend to eat?

In order to communicate the message ″keep feeding me the ball,″ football players pretend to eat after a big play. In football, feeding a player typically refers to providing him or her with opportunity to make a play. Feeding will result in more carries for running backs, and feeding will result in more targets for wide receivers.

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Why do football players kiss the trophy?

They are objects of want, complete with courting rituals, and are capable of receiving affection as well as withholding it from others. Jason Terry, a Mavericks guard, has a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien trophy on his right biceps, a spot where a sailor could have inked the name of his sweetheart many years ago.

What does Suarez neck tattoo mean?

The goals he scored on that particular day, as well as pretty much every other occasion he has reached the back of the net, will now be a permanent memory on Suarez’s neck for all time. Because the new tattoo, which is located below the left part of Suarez’s face, just consists of two fingers and a thumb, it is considered simple.

What is Messi’s celebration?

The majority of the time after Messi scores, he raises his right arm to the heavens, generally as he returns to his own half to prepare for the game to continue and score again. After further investigation, it was discovered that Messi was celebrating in memory of his grandmother, who passed away before he became a household name with Barcelona.

Why did Suarez celebrate against Liverpool?

Suarez’s Liverpool teammates and supporters stood by him through a number of problems, including allegations of racism following an incident involving former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra.

Why did Suarez cried after winning La Liga?

In tears after Atletico Madrid won the La Liga title, Luis Suarez expressed gratitude to the club after being mistreated by Barcelona – Sports News.

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Why was Suarez kicked out of Barcelona?

Luis Suarez claims he was determined to leave Barcelona with his ‘head held high’ last summer after feeling ‘disrespected’ by the club ahead of his transfer to Atletico Madrid. ″I was resolved to leave Barcelona with my head held high,″ he adds.

Did Suarez win the La Liga?

He joined for Atlético Madrid in 2020, and in his first season with the club, he won his fifth La Liga title.

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