Why Does Petr Cech Wear A Helmet?

Following emergency surgery for a depressed skull fracture, the Arsenal goalkeeper has been obliged to wear a protective scrum hat to safeguard his head from being crushed. On that tragic day in October 2006, Cech was engaged in a horrifying incident in which he was accidently caught in the head by Reading’s Stephen Hunt’s knee while playing for the club.

What happened to Petr Cech head?

Petr Cech’s life was irrevocably altered on the 14th of October, 2006. In the opening minute of a Premier League match against newly promoted Reading, he was involved in a collision that resulted in a depressed skull fracture that left him in critical condition.

What causes Petr Cech head injury?

Petr Cech, a former Chelsea goalkeeper, has opened out about a terrible brain injury he sustained in 2006 that nearly terminated his professional career. During a match against Reading, the goalie was engaged in a collision and suffered a broken skull as a result.

Does Cech wear a helmet in FIFA?

PETR CECH had a horrific head injury in 2006, and as a result, he is required to wear a helmet throughout every match in order to protect his skull. However, the new FIFA game looks to have carried the requirement of the goalkeeper one step too far.

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Why do some goalkeepers wear helmets?

When it comes to goalkeepers, there are some views that are both identical and yet distinct. Soft helmet use has been shown to prevent lacerations, bruises, and perhaps skull fractures that may occur as a consequence of diving efforts or impact with the goalposts, according to reasonable evidence.

Why does Jimenez wear a headband?

Jimenez sustained a broken skull against Arsenal ten months ago as a result of a challenge with David Luiz on the field. Since his return to action, he has been wearing a protective headgear. So far this season, the striker has failed to register a goal. After missing a headed opportunity against Brentford at Molineux the previous Saturday, he decided to let his guard down.

Who broke keeper’s head?

Hunt was chasing a long ball down the left side when his boot collided with Cech’s head as he attempted to recover the football. Cech, then 24 years old and only two years into his Premier League career with the Stamford Bridge team, sustained a depressed fracture of the skull while playing for the club.

What team did Cech play for?


Titles and season
07/08 Chelsea FC
7x Footballer of the Year
2014 Czech Republic
2012 Czech Republic

Which goalkeeper wear helmet?

Petr Cech is protected by a helmet. It’s possible that you’ve seen something. After suffering a broken skull while playing for Chelsea against Reading 12 years ago, the goalie has worn protective headgear in every game since.

Which goalie wears helmet?

It’s known as the ‘Chris Osgood helmet,’ and for good reason. The three-time Stanley Cup winner was well-known for donning the protective artifact throughout his career, and when he retired from the NHL in January 2011, he was the last goalkeeper to do so in the league’s history.

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Do goalkeepers wear protection?

To provide protection for their arms, elbows, and occasionally shoulders, the vast majority of professional goalkeepers choose long-sleeved padded jerseys. It also makes it simpler for your team mates to spot you while you’re approaching if it’s brightly colored to begin with (e.g. to claim a high ball).

Can soccer goalies wear masks?

According to the rules, any extra protection is permissible as long as it is connected to the goalkeeper’s role and is not harmful to the player.

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