Why Does Van Dijk Have Virgil On His Shirt?

The 26-year-old plays for Liverpool with the name ‘Virgil’ on the back of his shirt, which is the result of a family quarrel. According to his uncle Steven Fo Sieeuw, ‘Virgil has done astonishingly well to be such a success given the ups and downs that have occurred in his family over the years.″ First, I’d want to talk about Virgil’s connection with his father.

My personal life is a little complicated. Van Dijk is known for wearing his uniform with simply his initial name on it. He has been unable to work because of a family quarrel with his father, Ron van Dijk, who abandoned his wife, Virgil, and his brothers when they were children, according to his uncle Steven.

Why does Dijk wear Virgil?

″The fact is that his father was absent for a significant period of time, and it is his mother who is the true hero of this narrative.″ No one takes their father’s name off their shirt without a good cause, and Virgil has made his feelings quite obvious.″

Why does Virgil van Dijk have Virgil on the back of his shirt?

Instead of his surname, as is typical, the centre-first back’s name, ‘Virgil,’ appears above his shirt’s No. 4 on the back, above the number 4. It is revealed by the defender’s uncle that this is due to the fact that the defender’s father abandoned his mother and siblings.

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What is Virgil van Dijk nickname?

The Complete Biography of a Football Star, better known by his nickname, ‘Vig’, is presented by Lifebogger.

What does Virgil van Dijk mean in Dutch?

ODDSbible. I informed my partner that the Dutch phrase ‘Virgil van Dijk’ meant ″I love you.″

How much did Liverpool pay for Van Dijk?

It is worth noting that, despite paying a further £55 million on Virgil van Dijk in 2018, the club paid far less than it did to sign Fernando Torres.

How much did Southampton pay for Van Dijk?

His £76million move from Southampton to fierce rivals Liverpool was finalized in January 2018 and he has since won the Premier League and Champions League with the Reds. He is currently in his third season at Anfield.

How do you pronounce Van Dijk?

Van Dijk is pronounced differently in the Netherlands. It is more common to pronounce the Dutch letter ″ij″ as ″ay″ rather than I in the word ″bike,″ and the letter ″a″ in the word ″van″ is heard as ″a″ in the word ″swan.″ In this case, the name ″van Dijk″ rhymes with the phrase ″swan lake.″

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