Why Was Luis Suarez Crying?

After being forced to leave Atletico Madrid’s Champions League victory over Porto due to an injury, Luis Suarez broke down in tears on the field. The 34-year-old striker was seen crying on the Atletico Madrid substitutes’ bench after being forced to withdraw from the vital group stage match due to muscular soreness.

Why did Suarez cry after winning?

Suarez is in tears after winning the La Liga title because he believes he will be ‘disrespected’ by Barcelona in 2020.

Who was Suarez talking to on phone?

Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has stated that the controversial phone call he had with Ronald Koeman, during which he was informed that he had no longer had a future with the club, lasted only 40 seconds.

What happened with Luis Suarez?

After only 13 minutes of Atletico Madrid’s crucial Champions League group-stage match against Porto, a very upset Luis Suarez was forced to leave the field due to muscular soreness. As soon as he reached the Atletico bench, Suarez, 34, communicated his inability to continue and was replaced by Matheus Cunha.

Why does Suarez kiss his three fingers?

It is the name of Luis Suarez’s eldest daughter Delfina that he has tattooed on his wrist, which he has inked there. He kisses his ring finger first, as a hint to his wife Sofia, and then kisses the tattoo on his forearm. And lastly, he brings the party to a close by kissing three of his fingers, which represent his wife and two children.

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Why did Barcelona let Suarez go?

Suarez is currently 34 years old, and it is believed that this was one of the primary reasons why he was asked to quit the team. In an interview with France Football, the striker confessed that he had been told he was too old to continue playing at the highest level of competition.

Did Suarez win the La Liga?

He joined for Atlético Madrid in 2020, and in his first season with the club, he won his fifth La Liga title.

Why did Suarez cry yesterday?

In tears after Atletico Madrid won the La Liga title, Luis Suarez expressed gratitude to the club after being mistreated by Barcelona – Sports News.

Are Messi and Suarez still friends?

Suarez joined rivals Atletico Madrid last year – and helped the club win the La Liga title – before leaving the Blaugrana as a free agent this summer to sign a two-year deal with French champions Paris Saint-Germain. The two remain great friends, and the two even went on a summer vacation together with their respective young families this year.

Why does Suarez wear a wrist guard?

Luis Suarez chooses to wear it for a variety of reasons. Because he is concealing bracelets and tattoos, and because he is little superstitious, it is also stated that he wears it for protection from a prior injury and because he is somewhat superstitious.

Why do Italian players kiss their wrist?

Other players do it as well, but why do they do it? To be more specific, soccer players such as Luis Suarez and others kiss their wrists in order to commemorate whatever their wrist tattoos symbolize to them, and these tattoos are often those that represent the player’s loved ones.

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Does Suarez have a tattoo?

The goals he scored on that particular day, as well as pretty much every other occasion he has reached the back of the net, will now be a permanent memory on Suarez’s neck for all time. Because the new tattoo, which is located below the left part of Suarez’s face, just consists of two fingers and a thumb, it is considered simple.

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