Eden Hazard Which Country?

Eden Hazard

Personal information
Date of birth 7 January 1991
Place of birth La Louvière, Belgium
Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Position(s) Winger, attacking midfielder

Where is Eden Hazard from?

He is a member of Real Madrid’s first squad as well as the Belgium national team. Eden Hazard is the son of Carine and Thierry Hazard, who are both professional footballers, as are his brothers Thorgan Hazard and Kylian Hazard. Eden’s father and brother are both successful footballers as well. He grew up in the Belgian town of Braine-le-Comte.

How long has Eden Hazard been with Chelsea?

It was during the next season that he continued to shine, helping his club to a record-breaking 12 straight league victories. He was selected to the prestigious ‘PFA Team of the Year’ for the fourth time during his five-year spell with the Chelsea.’ In a statement published on their website on June 7, 2019, Real Madrid revealed that Hazard will be joining them for the 2019-20 season.

Is Eden Hazard from Africa?

Eden Hazard was born on the 7th of January 1991 in the Belgian city of La Louvière to his mother, Carine Hazard, and father, Thierry Hazard. Eden is the son of Carine Hazard and Thierry Hazard. A good union between his parents resulted in the birth of the Belgian, who was the first son and kid born to them.

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What is Eden Hazard famous for?

Eden Hazard is a Belgian professional footballer who has played for the Belgian national team as well as for a number of well-known teams, including ‘Chelsea FC’ and ‘Real Madrid.’ He plays as a midfielder and is well-known for his attacking abilities on the pitch.

Where is Ramires?

On the 13th of June, Ramires returned to Brazil and signed a four-year contract with Palmeiras, the reigning Brasileiro champion.

How many matches has Eden Hazard played for Real Madrid?

Stats overview

Comp Competition Team Appearances Minutes played
COP Copa del Rey RMA Real Madrid CF 2 108
UEF UEFA Champions League RMA Real Madrid CF 3 83
Total 22 878

When did Eden Hazard came to Chelsea?

The nine players Chelsea bought, including Eden Hazard, and how they fared in the Premier League. Eden Hazard took to Twitter on May 26, 2012, to put an end to months of speculation by revealing that he would be joining the champions of Europe, Chelsea. The announcement came after months of conjecture.

Is Eden Hazard left or right footed?

He is primarily used on the left flank, but he is capable of contributing to the attack from any position. In addition to his speed and dribbling abilities, he loves to cut in from the left-hand side onto his favoured right foot to create space for himself. Eden Hazard’s Personality Profile.

Name Eden Hazard
Born Jan 07, 1991
Age 30 years
Birthplace La Louviere, Belgium
Height 5ft 9ins

Where did Chelsea buy Ramires from?

A four-year deal with Benfica has been agreed between the two clubs, and Chelsea Football Club is thrilled to announce the completion of the acquisition of Brazilian international Ramires. On Thursday, the midfielder was granted a work visa, and he completed his medical examination in London on Friday afternoon.

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