How Old Was Wayne Rooney When He Played For England?

With his senior international debut for England in February 2003, at the age of seventeen, Rooney holds the record for becoming the country’s youngest ever goalscorer. He participated in the UEFA Euro 2004 tournament and scored four goals, momentarily becoming the European Championship’s youngest goalscorer in the tournament’s history.

When is Wayne Rooney’s birthday?

Wayne Mark Rooney was given the name Wayne Rooney after he was born on October 24, 1985, in Liverpool, England.

Where did Wayne Rooney grow up in Liverpool?

Croxteth is where he was born on October 24, 1985. Wayne Rooney was born in the Liverpool borough of Croxteth. The majority of his childhood was spent with his parents, Jeanette and Wayne, and two younger brothers, Graham and John, in the family’s council house. Wayne’s desire of becoming a professional footballer had always been the same as that of every other young kid in his hometown.

How old was Rooney when he joined United?

In the end, it was Manchester United who acquired him for a fee of £23 million in the summer of 2004. Rooney was only 18 at the time of the transfer, and the £23 million transfer fee paid for him was the largest sum ever paid for a teenager anywhere in the world.

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How old was Rooney when he last played for England?

United and England great Wayne Rooney has announced his retirement from football after an incredible playing career that saw him grow from 16-year-old whirlwind to multiple world record breaker. Rooney, 35, set an all-time record with 53 goals for England and is also the club’s all-time leading scorer with 253 goals.

How old was Rooney when he made his Prem debut?


competition Date Age at that time
Premier League Aug 17, 2002 16 years 09 months 24 days
Major League Soccer Jul 15, 2018 32 years 08 months 21 days
Second Tier
Jan 2, 2020 34 years 02 months 09 days

Was Rooney Number 9?

He went on to wear the number 10 for 12 seasons at Manchester United before returning to the club for one season. Rooney joined DC United in 2018, and he chose the number 9 shirt, which he had worn regularly for England throughout his time in the country.

How old was Rooney when he scored against Arsenal?

The match between Manchester United and Arsenal took place exactly 17 years ago today, when Wayne Rooney scored one of the most legendary goals in Premier League history. He had made his debut for Everton at the end of the 2001/02 season when he was sixteen years old.

When did Rooney retire age?

Wayne Rooney, the all-time greatest goalscorer for Manchester United, has announced his retirement from professional football at the age of 35.

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