Readers ask: What Nationality Is Pulisic?

Christian Mate Pulisic (/ˈmɑːteɪ pəˈlɪsɪk, ˈpʊlɪʃɪtʃ/; Croatian: Pulišić, pronounced [krǐstijan mǎːte pǔliʃitɕ]; born September 18, 1998) is an American professional soccer player who plays as a winger or an attacking midfielder for Premier League club Chelsea and the United States national team.

Where is Pulisic parents from?

Personal life. Mark Pulisic’s father is originally from the island of Olib in Croatia. Mark Pulisic is the father of Chelsea and U.S. men’s national team player Christian Pulisic.

What is Pulisic heritage?

Pulisic or Pulišić is a Croatian surname that may refer to. Christian Pulisic (born 1998), American association football player. Mark Pulisic (born 1968), American association football player, father of Christian Pulisic.

What is Pulisic salary?

In January 2019 the right winger Christian Pulisic signed a contract with Chelsea that nets him a whopping salary of 3.5 Million Euro (3.2 Million Pound) per year. We have crunched the numbers, this means he earns €17,351 (£15,884) per day and €723 (£662) per hour!

How does Pulisic pronounce his name?

‘Pulisic’, which is a Croatian name, is technically supposed to be pronounced ‘ POOL-uh-sitch’. Pulisic, however, who was born in the United States, prefers for his surname to be said as ‘Police-sick’ in an Americanised fashion, with a hard ‘K’ at the end.

How much does Ronaldo make a year?

The Spurs striker is reported to be earning £300,000 per week, but will demand to become the highest-paid player in the Premier League with a new deal worth £400,000 a week.

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Who is the highest paid player in soccer?

Cristiano Ronaldo keeps on winning—or earning, at the very least. Forbes announced that the Manchester United star has passed Lionel Messi as the world’s highest-paid soccer player with earnings of roughly $125 million.

How old is Pulisic?

23 years (September 18, 1998)

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