What Car Does Sergio Aguero Drive?

Sergio Aguero, the star forward for Manchester City, has a large collection of expensive automobiles to pick from in his garage. Have you seen the vehicles that the Argentines drive? While the Range Rover has traditionally been considered one of the more popular car options among footballers, Aguero chose for the Lumma CLR SV, which is a specially modified version of the Range Rover.

Sergio Aguero, a well-known footballer, has purchased a 243 million euro Ferrari SF90 Stradale sports car to commemorate his transfer to Barcelona FC from Manchester City.

Which Range Rover does Sergio Aguero drive?

The brilliant Manchester City striker has an impressive collection of high-end automobiles in his garage, including a Lumma CLR SV Range Rover that appeared in the James Bond film Spectre. Forget about having a license to kill, Sergio Aguero has a license to thrill thanks to his impressive automobile collection.

What happened to Sergio Aguero?

MANCHESTER CITY striker Sergio Aguero has been involved in a serious automobile accident before of the club’s match against Crystal Palace this weekend. While the Argentine striker, 31, is claimed to be okay following what has been described as a ″little mishap,″ his £150,000 Range Rover has been left in a state of disarray.

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What car does Aguero drive?

Allow SunSport to take you on a tour of the Argentine forward’s impressive collection of vehicles. Last year, on one of his trips to Los Angeles, Aguero rented a Ferrari and drove himself around the city for the duration of his stay.

How fast is Sergio Aguero’s Aventador?

  • Despite being Aguero’s fastest car, the Aventador can attain a peak speed of 218 miles per hour.
  • While it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, we’d want to see Aguero do the same over a distance of 10 yards.
  • In a fun fact, the Aventador was named after a fighting bull who won the Trofeo de la Pea La Madroera in Zaragoza, Spain, for his bravery in the arena while competing in bullfighting.

What car does Sergio Aguero have?

An avid car enthusiast, Aguero possesses an impressive collection of vehicles, which includes a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso as well as a Lamborghini Aventador. After organizing a raffle for the team’s benefit, the striker presented a Range Rover to a City kit guy as he left the Etihad Stadium.

What car did Aguero raffle?

As his time at Manchester City draws to a close, Sergio Aguero gives away his Range Rover in a raffle to raise money for charity.

How much did agueros car sell for?

The Range Rover that Sergio Aguero gave him was sold on eBay for £23,000 by the Manchester City staff. JAKARTA – The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, is a bustling metropolis. Sergio Aguero’s time as a member of the Manchester City team has come to an end. As a goodbye gesture, the Argentine striker presented a special gift to the whole first-team coaching staff of the Philadelphia Citizens.

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Who won agueros Range Rover?

The striker, whose 10-year stint with the club comes to an end this month, offered every member of the City staff a lottery ticket for a chance to win his 2016 Range Rover Evoque. An image of kit guy Ally Marland embracing Sergio Aguero as the keys were handed over at the training field car lot was captured on camera and shared on social media.

Is Sergio Aguero in Barcelona?

Sergio Aguero, of the Barcelona football team, has announced his retirement from the sport owing to a heart problem. After suffering with a heart issue for the past year, Barcelona forward Sergio Aguero has announced his retirement from sport at the age of 33.

Did Aguero give his car away?

Not only did Aguero give away his car, but the 32-year-old also spent almost £60,000 on purchasing watches for every member of City’s backroom staff, which were either produced by Tag Heuer or Hublot.

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