What Happened Between Cheryl Cole And Ashley?

Ashley and her husband attempted to put Ashley’s infidelity behind them and go on with their marriage for several months after it was revealed. When it was revealed that Ashley had reportedly cheated on Cheryl with four additional women at the beginning of 2010, their marriage suffered yet another set back.

How did Cheryl’s 10-year divorce from Ashley Cole Sting closer?

Cher’s divorce from Ashley Cole was 10 years ago this month, and insiders told Closer that the anniversary ″stung″ her since it brought back memories of her anguish after he had cheated on her several times.

Did Simon Cowell encourage Cheryl Cole to break up with Ashley Olsen?

″Simon was always quite tactile, but they did dispute from time to time in the manner that people who are really close to one other do.″ As soon as it was revealed that Ashley had been unfaithful, the insider stated that Simon persuaded Cheryl to call it quits on their relationship.″They would joke, and Simon was also there to wipe up the tears throughout her separation from Ashley,″ the person stated.

Who is Cheryl Cole married to?

To learn more about Cheryl’s past relationships, swipe through the gallery.Cheryl began dating England player Ashley Cole not long after her meteoric ascent to fame, and the pair even traveled to Brazil for the World Cup together, with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Coleen Rooney.The couple, who were clearly head over heels in love, tied the knot in 2016, after signing a six-figure magazine deal at the time.

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