What Happened With Ashley Cole And Cheryl Cole?

It has been revealed that Cheryl Cole has filed for divorce from her footballer spouse Ashley Cole, according to reports.The lawsuit, filed in the High Court of Justice in London, was brought by the singer and X Factor judge on the grounds of ‘unreasonable behavior.’ The pair, who had been married for four years, divorced in February after allegations that the England player had been unfaithful throughout their time together.

What happened to Ashley West and Cheryl Cole?

Just months after their wedding, however, things began to go sour for the ‘golden couple’ when Ashley was suspected of ‘cheating’ on Cheryl, sparking public outrage. Despite having forgiven the player, Ashley proceeded to live his life as he had before, with claims that he had been unfaithful shattering their relationship yet again.

Why has Cheryl Cole’s marriage breakdown upset Cheryl Cole?

Cheryl has been particularly heartbroken by the dissolution of her marriage since she had been looking forward to starting a family with Cole as soon as possible. In a recent interview, she stated that ″family is clearly becoming a priority.″

What happened to Cheryl Cole’s ex-boyfriend Ashley Benson?

As a result of her divorce from Ashley, Cheryl went on to marry Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, who she married between 2014 and 2016.Their divorce in 2016 came as a complete surprise to her, but she stayed mum about her split from the restaurant owner for several years afterward.She subsequently moved on to date One Direction’s Liam Payne, with whom she had a kid, Bear, who she shared with him.

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What happened to Cheryl’s first marriage?

Preferences can be modified.Cheryl breaks down in tears when recounting the breakdown of her first marriage to footballer Ashley Cole in an old film from Piers Morgan’s Life Stories that was just broadcast by ITV.Cheryl was previously married to footballer Ashley Cole.

  • On Sunday, ITV broadcast an old tape from the program, in which the singer addresses the breakup with her bandmates in an awkward way that makes for difficult watching.

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