Who Is Better Bruno Fernandes Or Kevin De Bruyne?

When it comes to goalscoring, Fernandes is undoubtedly the clear winner, but De Bruyne has a comfortable lead in terms of creativity, having racked up 10 more assists despite having a tiny minutes advantage.

What is the difference between Kevin De Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes?

The Belgian international has 1 assists, 34 crucial passes (passes that lead to a shot on goal) and has generated a total of percent player1 chance creation% opportunities. Bruno Fernandes has a total of four assists, 48 important passes, and a total of 22 opportunities created throughout his career.

Is Bruno Fernandes Man Utd’s finest playmaker?

Since Bruno Fernandes joined Manchester United in January 2020, the red half of the city has been clamoring to crown him as the city’s most talented playmaker. He’s had to contend with heavy opposition in the shape of back-to-back PFA Player of the Year winner Kevin De Bruyne, with supporters of Manchester United and Manchester City at each other’s throats over the duo’s performances.

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Where do Fernandes and De Bruyne rank in power rankings?

Despite a slower start to the season than usual, the Power Rankings, which evaluate Premier League players based on 35 matchday indicators, indicate that Fernandes is leading the way at No 7 in the league, ahead of De Bruyne at No 29 following a similar slow start to the season.

What is Bruno Fernandes’passing rate in the box?

For passes into the box, Bruno Fernandes has a pass completion percentage of 43 percent, which is above average. Users that are logged in will be able to see the expected goals, expected goal build up, and expected goal chain value. Kevin de Bruyne or Bruno Fernandes: who is the superior defensive player?

Is Toni Kroos better than Bruyne?

Toni Kroos has appeared in 49 matches for his country’s national football team, scoring 5 goals and averaging 3.896 minutes per game. National tournaments are held every year.

Toni Kroos Statistics Kevin De Bruyne
51 Goals 78
99 Assists 147
58 Yellow Cards 30
1 Yellow cards 2 2

Is Kevin De Bruyne the best midfielder in the world?

The game’s outcome prompted Scholes to proclaim De Bruyne as the ‘greatest midfielder in the world.’ He did so by praising his abilities to ‘defend, score goals, create goals, and produce excellent passes,’ among other things.

How many goals has Bruno Fernandes scored at Man U?

Since joining United, Fernandes has earned more Premier League Player of the Month honors than any other player in the league’s history. With his 27th goal, the midfielder equaled Frank Lampard’s record for the most goals scored by a Premier League midfielder in a single season in all competitions. Lampard had 27 points and Fernandes earned 28 points in the previous season.

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Who is better Bruno or Bernardo Silva?

Bruno Fernandes is more complete and has a superior shooting than the other players. As a result, he will have a greater influence than Bernardo Silva, particularly in terms of goals. Bernardo Silva, on the other hand, excels at transitions and creating space. The Premier League is fortunate to have these two players, as well as Rben Neves, who comes from the same level.

How many trophies did Kroos won?

#8 Toni Kroos

Titles and season
1x World Cup winner
2014 Germany
5x FIFA Club World Cup winner
2018 Real Madrid

Is Toni Kroos the best midfielder?

Through it all, Toni Kroos has consistently been one of the finest midfielders in the world, if not the absolute best, in pretty much every season since joining Real Madrid. Kroos’ energy, speed, and creative aptitude, on the other hand, have been called into doubt since the calendar moved to 2022.

Who is the best midfielder in the world?

1. Kevin De Bruyne is the best player in the world. Kevin De Bruyne is the finest midfielder in the world right now, according to our rankings. In the world of football, the Belgium and Manchester City player is often regarded as the finest offensive midfielder in the world.

Is De Bruyne one of the best midfielders of all time?

Insider has compiled a list of the top ten midfielders in the world of soccer right now. Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City is ranked first in this year’s list.

Why De Bruyne is best?

De Bruyne is the rocket fuel that propels City to victory in games of epic proportions. He sets the tempo and raises the bar more successfully than even Pep Guardiola, who is known for his relentless hectoring from the touchline.

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How many goals has Bruno scored for Portugal?

A total of 33 goals in all competitions in 2018–19 made him the highest-scoring Portuguese midfielder of all time, as well as the highest-scoring midfielder in the whole continent of Europe in a single season.

What is Bruno Fernandes salary?

Salary Increase for Bruno Fernandes According to reports, Fernandes now makes around £240,000 each week, which corresponds to a salary of over £12.5 million per year. According to a recent report by L’Equipe, it is still less than the wages earned by Cristiano Ronaldo, David de Gea, Jadon Sancho, and Raphael Varane.

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