Why Did Kevin De Bruyne Leave Chelsea?

Chelsea midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has been justifying his decision to leave the club, with the Belgian admitting that he never intended to become a star at Manchester City. Having already left Stamford Bridge to join Werder Bremen on loan in 2012-13, the Belgian midfielder ended his association with the Premier League club in January 2014.

The choice was made for him to go, to travel to Germany where he had previously been on loan and had been really happy, and he made the decision to leave. He placed a lot of pressure on himself, and it ended up working out quite nicely for him.

Why did Kevin De Bruyne left Chelsea?

He described the circumstances behind De Bruyne’s departure from Stamford Bridge to talkSPORT, stating: ‘He pleased me so well that I decided I didn’t want this youngster to go on loan, I wanted him here, and in our first Premier League match of the season against Hull City, he started for us.’

Did Jose Mourinho sell Kevin De Bruyne?

″Sometimes we make mistakes as coaches,″ admits Jose Mourinho, the former Chelsea manager, of the decision to sell Kevin De Bruyne.

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Why did Chelsea sell Salah and De Bruyne?

It was a collision of personalities (with Jose Mourinho). At the time, I simply did not believe it was functioning properly. ‘I believe they were more than adequate, but it was the manager who did not see eye to eye with them, and as a result, it was not going to work.

Why did Mo Salah leave Chelsea?

″When I look back, I see that I received improper guidance in the scenario,″ the 29-year-old said.Salah felt he had no alternative but to leave west London in order to regain his confidence, which he had regained in Rome after a long absence.’It was quite difficult for me mentally,’ he continued.I couldn’t stand up to the pressure I was under from the media, which was coming from outside of me.

When did Mo Salah leave Chelsea?

Mohamed Salah

Personal information
2010–2012 Al Mokawloon (11)
2012–2014 Basel (9)
2014–2016 Chelsea (2)
2015 → Fiorentina (loan) (6)

Has Mo Salah played for Chelsea?

When did Salah make his debut for Chelsea? Salah joined Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea in January 2014, having previously played for Swiss club Basel. The transaction was for $14.75 million.

Who sold Chelsea Salah?

Mohamed Salah was sold by Jose Mourinho despite the fact that he was performing ″like Lionel Messi″ at Chelsea training, as the Liverpool goal machine continues to make history.

How much did Chelsea sell Lukaku for?

According to BBC Sport, Chelsea finalised the sale of Romelu Lukaku to Everton on Wednesday for a cost of £28 million. Lukaku had previously signed for Chelsea.

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How much did Chelsea buy Kevin De Bruyne?

Kevin De Bruyne performed admirably in the face of adversity. On this day ten years ago, a bonafide Premier League icon finalized his move to Chelsea in a £7million deal and, in an introduction interview with Chelsea’s internal media, pledged to ‘work hard to attain the level that is required.’

Was Salah a Chelsea reject?

In this interview, Mohamed Salah discusses how Jose Mourinho’s cruel Chelsea rejection altered the course of his life. Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool striker, has spoken up about how he turned his career around after being overlooked by Jose Mourinho when playing for Chelsea.

How many goals did Salah scored for Chelsea?

Stats by club

FC Basel 1893 79 17
El Mokawloon SC 44 6
ACF Fiorentina 26 4
Chelsea FC 19 4

What does Mo Salah wife do?

Magi is a biotechnologist, and she and her husband were married in 2013 in Ngrid. Since her husband’s transfer to Merseyside, Magi has been spotted cheering him on from the stands at Liverpool.

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