Why Is Harry Kane Wearing A Rainbow Armband?

Germany and England strikers will both wear rainbow captain’s armbands at the World Cup, according to Kane. Kane added that he will do it as a show of solidarity with Germany in supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Why are footballers wearing rainbow armbands today?

Both sets of team captains will wear rainbow armbands during the upcoming Premier League matches against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday and Arsenal’s visit to Old Trafford on Thursday, in order to highlight the Premier League’s longstanding commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ inclusion and to make it clear that football is for everyone.

What is the armband Harry Kane is wearing?

England’s Harry Kane will don a rainbow captain’s armband for the team’s Euro 2020 last-16 match against Germany on Tuesday at Wembley Stadium. In recognition of Pride Month, Kane’s opposite number, Manuel Neuer, has worn the armband in every match Germany has played in June.

What does the rainbow captain armband mean?

Rainbow Captain’s armband, 11cm in height, with a complete elasticated waistband. It’s a fantastic way to demonstrate your support for LGBT individuals in sports by donning the Rainbow Captain’s armband. Check out our top suggestions for becoming an active ally to LGBT persons in sport if you want to learn more about how to effect change in your community.

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Why epl rainbow?

Rainbow Laces is an annual initiative that raises awareness of and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community via football. This week’s round of games will see football teams throughout the country express their support for the campaign by wearing rainbow laces.

What do rainbow laces mean?

To commemorate the 2018/19 Rainbow Laces campaign, Premier League teams will join together in November and December to demonstrate their support for all LGBT individuals in football and beyond. For the first time this season, the Premier League will advertise the campaign throughout two different match rounds.

Does England wear white against Germany?

It was announced on Monday by the European Union that the English side would wear an all-white uniform, while the Germans will wear a black one.

Why are England wearing rainbow armbands?

Both Harry Kane and Manuel Neuer will wear rainbow-colored armbands at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday when England and Germany meet in the last 16 of the Euro 2020 competition to demonstrate their support for the LGBTQ+ community during the month-long celebration of Pride.

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