FAQ: Who Is The Owner Of Ronaldo Jewerly?

The business was founded more than 25 years ago by Linda and Ronnie “Ronaldo” Needham. The business was founded in 1992 in Louisville as Gold Craft, and the Ronaldo Designer Jewelry brand was launched in 2009.

What is Ronaldo jewelry made of?

How should I care for my Ronaldo Jewelry? We use sterling silver in our jewelry which requires a certain amount of care. Sterling silver naturally darkens over time as the surface of the metal oxidizes from contact with air and moisture.

What is the Ronaldo bracelet of the month?

Ronaldo’s June Bracelet of the Month is the “Journey! ” A constant to reminder to keep one foot in front of the other and to always move forward on your adventure through life.

How do you measure for a Ronaldo bracelet?

The Ronaldo Designer Jewelry Waverly Bracelet. Sizing Information – To determine your wrist size, take a cloth measuring tape and measure your wrist. Add 1/2 Inch to that measurement.

Where are Ronaldo bracelets made?

“Everything is made here in New Albany by artists,” Ronaldo CEO Mike Scheser said. “Nothing is made by machine — it’s 100% handcrafted jewelry.”

What is 14k gold Artist wire?

14K Gold Artist wire is a 14/20 gold-filled wire. This metal is manufactured by a melting process which combines the mixture into a fully gold form, meaning there is no plating or gold film added to the exterior.

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Does Ronaldo make a baby bracelet?

The Angelina Bracelet is created from beautiful Sterling Silver. This is the number one selling design from Ronaldo’s Bracelets. This elegant and endearing bracelet is named after Ronaldo’s youngest daughter. The name means ‘Little Angel.

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