How Is Virgil Van Dijk Injury?

″Virgil van Dijk will have surgery on the knee injury he received during Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Everton,″ the club said. An incident involving Blues goalkeeper Jordan Pickford occurred after six minutes of play at Goodison Park, causing the centre-back to sustain knee ligament injury.

Following an injury to his right anterior cruciate ligament during the Goodison derby against Everton in October 2020, Van Dijk was forced to miss more than nine months of action.

What happened to Virgil van Dijk?

As every Liverpool supporter is aware, on October 17th, star player Virgil Van Dijk was attacked by Everton’s goalie and suffered a catastrophic knee injury as a result of the challenge. With a two-footed attack on Van Dijk, Jordan Pickford forced the Liverpool defender’s knee inwards, causing the defender to go down and out of play.

How long will van Dijk’s injury take to heal?

Depending on what the physician discovers after the surgery, Van Dijk might be out for an extended period of time. Aston Villa’s Wesley, for example, sustained a similar mechanism of injury and was later diagnosed with three torn ligaments in addition to medical meniscus damage. He has now been sidelined for almost ten months.

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Will Virgil van Dijk play for Liverpool at Euro 2020?

In addition to ruling himself out of Euro 2020, Virgil van Dijk has stated that he hopes to join his Liverpool teammates at the start of pre-season as he nears recovery from the knee injury that ended his season.

What will happen to Van Dijk’s torn ACL?

According to my understanding, Van Dijk will undergo surgery within the next week – the time between surgeries will likely allow for knee swelling to subside. In order to repair the torn ACL ligament, the surgeon will use a graft taken from the patient’s own hamstring or patellar tendon, which will be stitched together.

How was Dijk injured?

″I was injured as a result of a kick,″ he explained. ″It wasn’t a quiet time; there were people around.″ Actually, it made it a little bit easier psychologically to push through to the end.

How long is Virgil van Dijk injured for?

#4 Virgil van Dijk

Season Injury Days
20/21 Cruciate Ligament Rupture 255 days
19/20 Ill 3 days
18/19 Ankle Injury 3 days
18/19 Ill 9 days

Is Virgil van Dijk still injured?

Virgil van Dijk, 29, has not played since sustaining an anterior cruciate ligament injury against Everton in October of last season. Van Dijk revealed on Wednesday that he will be skipping this summer’s tournament in order to concentrate on restoring his health ahead of the 2021-22 season.

What has Van Dijk done to his knee?

Following an ACL injury that kept him out for nine months, Virgil van Dijk returns to play for Liverpool. For the first time in nine months, Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk has returned to duty after sustaining an anterior cruciate ligament damage in his right knee during a Merseyside derby against Everton.

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What Liverpool players are injured?

  1. Curtis Jones is on the LFC injury list due to illness. – Arrival date is expected to be within the next week
  2. Kostas Tsimikas is out due to illness and is expected to return within the next week.
  3. Roberto Firmino – Strength – Roberto Firmino Arrival date is expected to be within the next week

Why is Van Dijk not playing today against Tottenham?

Virgil van Dijk, Fabinho, and Curtis Jones were all absent from Liverpool’s 3-1 win against Newcastle United on Thursday due to suspected positive COVID-19 tests. They will not be available to play against Tottenham on Sunday. Continue reading more articles about Football.

Can a complete ACL tear heal on its own?

ACL rips that are completely ruptured will not heal on their own. These rips nearly invariably necessitate surgical intervention, which is often accomplished through the use of a minimally invasive technique known as arthroscopy.

How long does it take for a ruptured ACL to heal?

It can occur in athletes who participate in sports such as football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball, as well as in people who perform physically demanding occupations. There are surgical and nonsurgical options for treating this condition. The majority of people recover from an ACL tear within six to nine months of suffering the injury.

How long does it take to walk on a torn ACL?

Patients are able to walk unaided after 2-4 weeks, but only for brief periods of time. During the second to third week of treatment, you might expect modest jogging and possibly even some plyometric activity. With physical therapy, a complete recovery from ACL restoration might take 6-12 months or longer.

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