How Many Goals Has Harry Kane Scored In All Competitions This Season?

What is the total number of goals Harry Kane has scored this season? Harry Kane has scored 35 goals for Tottenham Hotspur this season. 12 goals scored by the national team (World Cup Qualification EU, Friendlies). He scored 23 goals for the club during his time there (Premier League, Capital One, Europa League, Europa Conference League 1, FA Cup).

How many goals has Harry Kane scored in the Premier League?

Approximately how many goals has Harry Kane scored so far this season? In the season 2021/2022, he has scored 5 goals in 23 games, which is a personal best. As a result, he has scored 38 goals in the Premier League thus far this season. Shots on goal for him have a conversion rate of zero.

What is Harry Kane’s conversion rate for shots to goals?

Shots on goal for him have a conversion rate of zero.Approximately how many assists has Harry Kane collected this season?After 23 games in the season 2021/2022, Harry Kane has two assists to his credit.The Premier League ranks him 60th in terms of statistics based on his performance thus far.

  • He also has a total of 0 opportunities that have been generated for him.
  • With these numbers, he is ranked as the best player in the Premier League.
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How did Harry Kane become so good?

Harry Kane is a fictional character created by the author Harry Potter.In the 2014–15 season, he established himself as a regular starter for Tottenham, scoring 31 goals, 21 of which came in the Premier League, and earning him the PFA Young Player of the Year award.Kane was the Premier League’s leading scorer in both the 2015–16 and 2016–17 seasons, and he was instrumental in Tottenham’s qualification for the UEFA Champions League in each of those seasons.

How many goals has Harry Kane scores this season?

Approximately how many goals has Harry Kane scored so far this season? In the season 2021/2022, he has scored 13 goals in 37 games, which is a personal best. As a result, he has scored seven goals in the Premier League thus far this season.

How many goals has Kane scored overall?

He finished the 2020–21 season as the league’s leading goal scorer and assist giver, as well as the league’s leading assist provider. Kane has 49 goals in 68 games for England, a record for the country. He played and scored at every level of the club’s development system before making his senior squad debut in March 2015, when he was 21 years old.

How many Tottenham goals has Harry Kane scored?

Spurs have scored 42 goals in 27 Premier League games, with Kane assisting on 11 of those goals and scoring three himself.

How many goals has Harry Kane scored at Wembley?

Tottenham Hotspur defeated Southampton 5-2 at Wembley Stadium, with Harry Kane scoring a hat-trick for the second time in as many games to create a new calendar year goal record. With his 39 Premier League goals this season, the league’s leading scorer has now surpassed Alan Shearer’s previous season total of 36 goals.

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How many yellow cards has Harry Kane had?

Harry Kane has got five yellow cards and zero red cards during his career. For Harry Kane’s performance in the English Premier League during the 2021/22 season, the average Infogol Player Rating is 7.60.

How do I contact Harry Kane?

Contact information for Harry Kane’s agent and management: (harrykane)

  1. 079583 is the direct phone number.
  2. [email protected]
  3. Direct email address
  4. [email protected] is the company’s email address.
  5. Telephone number of the company: 0203 9
  6. is the website address.

How many free kicks has Harry Kane scored?

The goal against Aston Villa in 2014 was, however, a case of beginner’s luck, as Kane has failed to score with each of his subsequent 53 straight free-kick efforts since then. His entire EPL record from direct free-kicks is one goal from 54 attempts, which is a poor showing.

How many England caps has Harry Kane?

An Overview of Harry Kane’s Personal and Professional Life

Name Harry Kane
Tottenham Hotspur 2020-21 49
International Caps 3 2
England U-19 14
England U-20 3

Who scored 100 international goals?

Ali Daei of Iran was the first player in international football history to score 100 goals, having done so in 109 appearances during his career.

Who scored the most goals for England ever?

  1. England’s all-time leading goal scorers are listed below. Wayne Rooney has scored 53 goals in 120 appearances for England.
  2. Bobby Charlton has scored 49 goals in 106 appearances for England.
  3. Harry Kane has scored 49 goals in 68 appearances for England.
  4. Gary Lineker has scored 48 goals in 80 appearances for England.
  5. Jimmy Greaves has scored 44 goals in 57 appearances.
  6. Michael Owen has scored 40 goals in 89 appearances.
  7. Nat Lofthouse has scored 30 goals in 33 appearances.
  8. Alan Shearer has scored 30 goals in 63 appearances for England.
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Who has the most goals in England?

England has scored the most goals in history.

Name Goals Years
Wayne Rooney 53 2003 – 2018
Bobby Charlton 49 1958 – 1970
Harry Kane 49 2015 – present
Gary Lineker 48 1984 – 1992

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